ESSE® Papers

Versatile light pearlized colors with rich, deep accent colors

80 lb. Text; 80 lb., 84 lb., 100 lb., 105 lb., 110 lb. Cover

Smooth, Texture and Pearlized offering in Texture and Smooth Finishes


  • Unique watermarked texture finish and complementary smooth finish adds style and distinction to any design
  • Accepts off-set lithography and all specialty printing applications beautifully
  • Pearlized coating is manufactured with natural pigments that do not employ foils or metals
  • Manufactured acid free with archival properties
  • Matching envelopes are readily available starting simply with 1 box


Digital Details


Neenah Paper’s Universal Digital Finishes are highly recommended for any digital printing press such as HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress® or Canon ImagePRESS.™
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Colors: Pearlized Latte Smooth, Pearlized Silver Smooth, Pearlized White Smooth
Weights: 80 lb. Text, 105 lb. Cover
Sizes: 12 x 18, 18 x 12

A Brighter Shade of Green

Green Seal Certified      Recycled     

An Italian Renaissance

Since its introduction in 1990, ESSE® Papers have had the ineffable quality that never fails to turn heads and command attention. The colors in ESSE® Papers were selected by renowned designer and colorist Beatrice Santiccioli.

A graduate of The Art Institute of Florence and the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan, Beatrice has worked with many of the world’s most influential brands including Swatch, Nike and Apple. The profoundly sensitive colors she derived from her own life experiences in Italy—along with her introduction of pearlized surfaces—makes ESSE® Papers extraordinary.

Texture So Unique, It’s Patented

The native texture of ESSE® Papers is a watermarked grid of delicately patterned squares so utterly unique it’s even patented. The squares increase in scale from Text to Cover Weight, so the pattern becomes more pronounced as the paper gets heavier.

Printing Tips

Following these suggestions will help you achieve maximum performance on ESSE® Papers by Neenah. It is recommended to pretest all production procedures prior to press time to ensure the desired results are achieved. Sample sheets can be ordered on our website or are available through authorized Neenah distributors.

View ESSE® Pearlized Papers Printing Tips

View ESSE® Textured Papers Printing Tips

Matching Envelopes

Smooth (select color to view available products)

Pearlized Cocoa
T | C
Pearlized Crystal
T | C
Pearlized Latte
T | C
Pearlized Opal
Pearlized Silver
T | C
Pearlized White
T | C

Smooth Digital (select color to view available products)

Pearlized Latte
T | C
Pearlized Silver
Pearlized White
T | C

Texture (select color to view available products)

Pearlized Crystal
Pearlized Latte
Pearlized White
T | C
T | C
93 Brightness
The Design Collection

The Design Collection Swatchbook

2013 Edition

Neenah and Cordenons have embarked on a relationship that brings two worlds together in one Design Collection. Blending five iconic North American lines with six stylish Italian brands, the portfolio boasts the best of both worlds.
  • 6x9" (152x229mm)
  • Printability section
  • Stocking Charts 

Each copy is $9.99.

Product Information Sheet

ESSE® Paper Product Information Sheet

August 2013 Edition

ESSE® Papers is our most distinctive premium paper system colored by world-renowned designer and colorist Beatrice Santiccioli.  Esse's unique patented watermarked surface and beautiful color palette blends precision with craft.

ESSE® Product Information Sheet offers:

  • Green Certifications
  • Printed Color Chips
  • Brand Comparisons
  • Stocking Sizes
  • True to touch, printed on ESSE Cover WHITE 8OC Texture


Each copy is $0.99.

Digital Product Info Sheet

Envelope Product Information Sheet

February 2015 Edition

Now with over 18,000 envelope items, Neenah has the most comprehensive offering of envelopes in the industry! Matching envelopes are available for all of our brands in a variety of styles and sizes.

Neenah Envelope Product Information Sheet offers:  

  • Same Day, Three Day, Five Day and Ten Day Shipping Availability
  • Stocked Envelope Styles and Sizes 
  • Postal Requirement Template 


Each copy is $0.99.

ESSE® Papers

Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Smooth 80T 118 93 5.2 150
84C 227 98 10.0 175
105C 284 99 12.2 175
Smooth Digital 80T 118 93 5.2 150
105C 284 99 12.2 175
Texture 80C 216 96 14.2
80T 118 94 7.0
84C 227 98 14.0
100C 270 98 18.2
105C 284 99 17.5

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