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Neenah® Printable Blotter Papers

Soak It All In

NEENAH® Printable Blotter Papers demonstrate proven performance in a wide range of applications from coasters to air fresheners. The easy printability and unique surface provide fast absorbency and excellent retention.

Incredibly Artful

The unique texture of Neenah Printable Blotter Papers is surfaced to accommodate offset lithography. It accepts all specialty printing processes including embossing, die cutting, foil stamping and laminating. Thick construction is impressively durable, providing fast absorbency and excellent retention with no mess.


White (87 Brightness)




70 lb., 100 lb., and 158 lb. Cover

Incredibly Flexible

The easy printability and unique surface of Neenah Printable Blotter Papers makes them perfect for a wide variety of creative applications, including fragrance samplers, coasters, announcements, greeting cards, art designs, or annual report covers. And no matter how you use them, Neenah Printable Blotter Papers are entirely recyclable.

Custom Products Available

Custom products with exacting retention and absorbency rates as well as specific caliper requirements are available as special make items.