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Bella® Label Papers

Beautifully Durable

BELLA® Label Papers, designed to be workhorses during production and stunning on shelf, provide an authentic, hand-crafted look perfect for craft beverages.

Proven Performance

There are few applications that ask more of a premium paper than a label. For more than a decade, Neenah Paper has been creating label papers that are engineered specifically to meet the challenges of label printing applications.


Natural, White


NEW Burlap, Vellum and Laid


47T in Laid, 55T in Burlap & Laid, 60T in Laid, & Vellum. Special weights and finishes are available by special order and are subject to mill minimums.

Refrigerator Ready

BELLA Label is made with a “wet strength” additive to increase resistance to tearing or shriveling in moist environments. BELLA Label also is guaranteed to fall consistently within Printing Industries of America’s Cobb range standards. Paper that is outside the recommended range can absorb too much or too little moisture, which can result in label adhesion problems.