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ImageMax Sustainable Paper Gift Cards

Neenah Imagemax® Paper Card

100% Paper-Based Card

NEENAH IMAGEMAX®  Paper Card is the perfect alternative for plastic stored value gift cards, loyalty cards—smart, sustainable, and 100% paper-based. Stand out from the plastic crowd by using beautiful techniques that simply aren’t possible on plastic cards, including hot and cold foils, etching, flocking, engraving, and embossing.

Features and Benefits

  • 95 brightness
  • True white shade
  • 30% Post Consumer Waste
  • Easy to recycle
  • Exceptional stiffness & snap
  • FSC® Certified

Suitable for all traditional stored value card converting techniques

  • Magnetic stripe
  • Scratch and/or peel off panels
  • Bar coding
  • Signature panel
  • Die cutting
  • Affixing




14pt (355.6 microns) 134C; 28pt (711 microns) 254C (687 g/m2)

Recycling Paper Keeps Waste Out of Landfills


When compared to using a standard plastic gift card, NEENAH IMAGEMAX Paper Card results in a positive impact on the environment.* The usage of natural resources and waste is reduced by:


  • 82% in petroleum fuel oil usage
  • 33% in global warming potential
  • 31% in product municipal solid waste
  • 61% in grid electrical energy waste
  • 29% in natural gas usage
  • *Cradle to Grave Life Cycle Assessments, 2018, Boustead Consulting and Associates, Ltd.