Glossary of Paper Terms

Glossary of Paper Terms


In printing presses, the paper or other material used to underlay a press blanket or plate, to bring the surface to the desired height; the method of adjusting squeeze pressure.
Packing Gauge
a device for determining the relationship between the height of the plate or blanket, and the cylinder bearers.
Padding Glue
A flexible glue used in padding loose sheets.
Page Flex
The number of flexes a book page can withstand before loosening from the binding.
Page Makeup
In stripping, assembly of all elements to make up a page. In digital imaging, the electronic assembly of page elements to compose a complete page with all elements in place on a video display terminal and on film or plate.
Page Proofs
Initial impression of a page pulled for checking purposes before the entire job is run.
Pages-Per-Inch (ppi)
In book production, the number of pages contained in a one-inch stack of paper.
In computerized typesetting, the process of performing page makeup automatically.
The collection of colors or shades available to a graphic system or program.
A wooden platform with stringers wide enough to allow a fork lift to drive into it and lift; used to pack cartons for shipment, if specified by the customer. Pallets are usually not reusable.
A type of film equally sensitive to light in all colors.
Pantone Matching System
See PMS.
Paper Machine
Machine on which paper is manufactured, dried, wound on rolls and slit to appropriate lengths.
Paper Master
A paper printing plate used on an offset-duplicator. The image is made by hand drawing, typewriter or electrophotography.
Paper Surface Efficiency
Measure of the printability of a sheet of paper which is dependent upon the amount of ink the paper absorbs, the smoothness of its surface, and the evenness of its caliper.
A paper-covered book; also called paperback or soft cover.
A paper used for greeting cards, stationery, etc…which is distinctive from regular stock in that special watermarks and embossing may be used.
Paraded Watermark
(See watermark).
Parallel Fold
Any series of folds in sequence, made in parallel fashion.
Paste Drier
In inkmaking, a type of dryer, usually a combination of drying compounds.
Pasted grades are those grades of paper or paperboard made up of layers pasted together. The process is machine operation used to combine sheets of the same or different papers into a single thickness.
Assembling on one page for photographing various art elements for a print order.
PCF - Process Chlorine Free
This is generally a recycling decolorizing and bleaching done with out the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds. The usual chemicals are peroxide, ozone and oxygen.

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