Traditional Genuine Watermarks

The Traditional Genuine Watermark is a pattern embedded into the paper structure itself, pressed in by a roller-mounted die (called a dandy roll) while the loose fibers are still wet -- hence, the name "watermark". Neenah Paper is North America's leading producer of genuine private watermarked papers that are typically used by regional, national, and international institutions including corporations, universities, law firms, and professional organizations.

 Wire Mark and Shaded

Features and Benefits

Three styles:
• Wire
• Shaded
• Combination

They offer an elegant touch and unique distinction to business stationery, elevating the brand and enhancing the organization’s message.

Reproduces beautifully on all of Neenah Paper’s writing papers, including cotton content, post consumer recycled, and sulphite fiber sheets.

The superior formation and uniformity of which premium papers from Neenah Paper are known - ensure that the watermark appears crisp and clean.

Can be produced in weights ranging from 20 lb. to 28 lb. writing weights.

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