USPS Guidelines

USPS Guidelines


Postal guidelines can be complex. The following information will get you started and navigate you through the paper portion of your direct mail design.

Note: We always recommend taking a sample of your design to your local Postal Business Center for advice and approval. It may save you valuable time and expense.


  1. Size, weight and color of your mailpiece.
    NEENAH offers:
    • A variety of sheet sizes ranging from 8.5" x 11” to 26" x 40"
    • A variety of basis weights ranging from 24W to 165 DTC
    • A wide selection of colors and finishes perfect for direct mail impact

  2. Eligibility for automation, processing and discount rates.
    Machinable: Meets the criteria for USPS automation and discount postal rates.
    Non-machinable: Non-compliant and subject to increased postage rates.

  3. Clear zones for address, barcode and postage areas.
    Provided are basic diagrams depicting the criteria plus additional resources with detailed instructions for mail piece design.
    We recommend consulting the Post Office to confirm clear zones before printing.

  4. Closure device thickness.
    Do not use raised closure devices or include additional objects that will create an uneven thickness.

  5. Specific gloss or UV coating requirements.
    The Post Office will not accept mailers with a gloss or UV coating on the mailing side of the piece.

Tips and Templates for Bold Direct Mail


USPS Regulations

This information is intended to simplify the USPS regulations for your direct mail projects.
While we made every attempt to be accurate with the information we shared, only the USPS can supply information that is guaranteed accurate. Always consult with your Post Office representative to make sure you are compliant with the rules and regulations.

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