Spec and Connect Volume 29

Volume 28: The NEW Design Collection

March 20104


For Desktop OS X, The NEW Neenah CABINET™

For Desktop OS X, The NEW Neenah CABINET
Introducing the new Neenah CABINET™ for Desktop OS X. Neenah CABINET™ is the quickest, most efficient way to view all of Neenah's swatchbook, as well as search and browse the collection. It offers intuitive ways to find paper. Created with designers in mind, the NEW CABINET allows you to work at the office, at home, at meetings, even on the road.

With the NEW CABINET, you can:
  • Browse, search, view and compare papers by gradeline, color, texture, and weight.
  • The new OS X desktop version is a native Apple app, so it's a fast download.
  • Identify the right paper for print projects on your Desktop - and with mobile versions - on your iPad® , even in a client meeting on your iPhone® or Android devices.

All versions are free and available now.

View more at www.neenahpaper.com/Cabinet


feel-think-do with the Power of Paper


"feel-think-do" with the Power of Paper

Neenah's newest Text and Cover print promotion reinforces the fact that paper is one of the most powerful tools when designers want to induce and emotional response.

For decades designers have used the power of paper to first touch hearts, then change minds, and finally inspire action. This is not just about using nicer paper to attract attention.
It's about using the right paper.

  • Research is at the root of each example in "feel - think - do." For example, running shoe advertisements on rough paper were perceived as being significantly stronger compared to the shoe on smooth paper.
  • A statistical analysis shows there is a relationship between touch and the perceived value of a product: texture not only evokes feelings, it creates connections.

In this new promotion you can see some beautiful examples of how using color and textured papers can communicate your message in a more influential way.


New Additions to Neenah Digital: Short-Run Papers

New Additions to Neenah Digital: Short-Run Papers

Neenah Digital is the most comprehensive offering of digital papers in the industry. Neenah offers a variety of choices for today's changing digital print world. Neenah recently introduced:

  • NEW, tactille Grocer Kraft RAW™ Finish in ENVIRONMENT® Papers in Text and Cover weights.
  • Best-selling colors in the ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers.
  • Unique, pearlized digital items in STARDREAM® Papers from the Design Collection.
  • The uncoated durable digital papers in the PAPER TYGER® Brand, a unique, water and tear resistant paper substrate ideal for menus, maps or packaging applications.

And as with all our digital papers, Neenah's proprietary Universal Digital Finishes provide exceptional print fidelity no matter what press configuration a printer uses.



For more information on samples and promotions, contact your local NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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