Neenah Cabinet Benefits

Revolutionize the Way You Work With Paper

Cabinet™ is your app for everything Neenah. It will change the way you work with paper. Browse, design, proof and specify the right paper for any project—anytime, anywhere.

Download Cabinet

Available for MAC and PC

  • Assemble combinations and work with them on a wide simulated design board
  • Know what’s available—have up-to-the-minute stocking info on everything Neenah makes
  • Choose your paper. Upload an image you’re working with (or select one of ours)
  • Apply it to your chosen paper—light colored papers image in four-color process, dark colored papers in white opaque ink
  • Order your Cabinet Personal Proof®
  • Receive it on your selected paper in 3 business days or next-day delivery if you specify special handling
  • Guided spec tools help you do it right
  • Spec complex projects fast—with no mistakes
  • Locate sources for Neenah’s paper across North America
  • Find printers and finishers, including engravers and letterpress shops, even in places you’ve never been
  • Add to our ever-expanding printer resource lists. If we’ve overlooked a good source, kindly let us know!
™Trademark of Neenah Paper, Inc. ©2012 NPI All rights reserved.

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