Paper Conditioning

Paper Conditioning

Our papers are manufactured under exacting quality standards to assure fine printing quality and press performance. For best results, check the chart below for time needed to condition printing paper before removing the moisture-resistant wrapper.


Cubic Volume Temperature Difference
  10°F 15°F 20°F 25°F 30°F 40°F 50°F 60°F
6 cubic feet 5 hr. 9 hr. 12 hr. 15 hr. 18 hr. 25 hr. 35 hr. 54 hr.
12 cubic feet 8 hr. 14 hr. 18 hr. 22 hr. 27 hr. 38 hr. 51 hr. 78 hr.
24 cubic feet 11 hr. 16 hr. 23 hr. 28 hr. 35 hr. 48 hr. 67 hr. 100 hr.
48 cubic feet 14 hr. 19 hr. 26 hr. 32 hr. 38 hr. 54 hr. 75 hr. 109 hr.
96 cubic feet 15 hr. 20 hr. 27 hr. 34 hr. 41 hr. 57 hr. 79 hr. 115 hr



Cubic volume is of paper on skid, in roll or in case, in cubic feet.


Temperature difference between outdoor temperature upon arrival and temperature of room where paper is to be opened


Hours shown are approximate time paper should stand unopened to come into balance with room temperature. Cubic volume is determined by multiplying (length in inches) x (width in inches) x (height in inches) and dividing by 1728.

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