Announcement Envelopes A-Style

A-Style Envelopes

A-Style Envelopes

A-Style square flap envelopes fall under the social announcement category of envelopes and typically have a square flap design.

These envelopes are most commonly made with text weight papers and come in a wide range of colors and textures. A-style envelopes can be used for invitations, smaller brochures, booklets and promotional pieces, as well as business stationery, for a unique premium look.

For Announcement Envelopes, there are four basic types:

Commercial Announcements are usually supplied with a single gummed envelope. The most commonly used type of announcement is the baronial card or folder. Baronials are usually manufactured using a vellum-finished paper in both white and ivory. They are packaged in two different formats, with matching folders available for most sizes.

Social Announcements are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are packaged bulk in cartons, with envelopes separated from the invitation for high-volume uses, as well as in the retail cabinet pack.

Traditional Announcements are manufactured from white and natural shades of papeterie papers. Some traditional announcements are produced from cotton fiber, but most are made from high grade sulphite paper.

Contemporary Announcements cover a wide range of styles and papers. They incorporate color into the design and s variety of colored inks into the personalization of the announcement. The paper used in contemporary announcements may have vellum, laid, texture or parchment finishes.

A-Style Envelope Sizes


Marquis Envelope Sizes

*Available in CRANE'S LETTRA Papers


Envelope Avialability Guide

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