Rigid Board Material

Rigid & Board Material

If a bright white smooth printable surface is what you are looking for, then NEENAH has what you need.

Combine the environmental benefits associated with being a 100% paper-based rigid board and you have the perfect alternative to a non-fiber based product.

divide 700

downloadable paper specificationsRigid and Board Material Chart
conVerd Board 1.5 mm
conVerd Board 3 mm
conVerd Board 3.5 mm
conVerd Board 4.7 mm
conVerd Board 6 mm
Lustré Board 12 pt.
Lustré Board 18 pt.
Lustré Board 24 pt.
DuoBoard 50 pt.
Lustré Board 12pt. C1S &C2S as well as 14pt. C1S also available in 50"x200' rolls on 6" cores.
Optimal - Wide Processing Window
conVerd Board® and DuoBoard® are FSC certified. Lustré Board is not FSC certified
See Stock List Guide for available sizes

Download the Flexible & Rigid Printer Compatibility Guide

download the wide format product stock list guide

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