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2012 Grand Prize Winner

Managing Risk, OCC 2011 Annual Report
Designer: James O'Connor,   Firm: O'Connor Design
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers, Avon White and Antique Gray in Stipple Finish

Managing Risk- OCC Annual Report

Other Members of the Perfect 10

(In alphabetical order)

The Carolina Inn Capabilities Kit
Designer: Jeff Bowman,   Firm: Bowman Creative
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Solar White
CLASSIC Columns Papers in Solar White and Antique Gray

The Carolina Inn Capabilities Kit

Designer: Stacy Fox,   Firm: Prism Design, Inc.
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Natural White Stipple and Canyon Brown Smooth


Wedding Invitation
Designer: Steve Hallac,   Firm: Atelier Isabey
Paper Used:

Wedding Invite

Over Yonder Cay Identity
Designer: Shawn Harrington,   Firm: Asterisk Group
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Solar White Stipple

Over Yonder Cay Identity

Halifax Regional Health System Brochures
Designer: Mary Hastings,   Firm: Hastings Design Corp
Paper Used: CLASSIC Laid Papers in Baronial Ivory

Halifax Regional Health System

KDHX Capital Campaign Booklet
Designer: Chris Kuhl,   Firm: Trio Printing Company, Inc.
                 : Nathan Sprehe,   Firm: Almanac, Inc.
Paper Used: CLASSIC Laid/CLASSIC Crest Papers Duplex in Peppered Bronze/Recycled 100 Natural White
CLASSIC CREST Papers in Classic Natural White

KDHX Capital Campaign Booklet

Aslan Graphics Business Card
Designer: Rubber Design,   Printer: Aslan Graphics, Ltd.
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Epic Black

Aslan Graphics Business Card

The Matchbox Studio Identity
Designer: Zach Hale,   Firm: The Matchbox Studio
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Solar White

The Matchbox Studio Identity

Aquinas College, An Evening with Scott Turow
Designer: Philip Mitri,   Firm: Aquinas College
Paper Used: CLASSIC CREST Papers in Canyon Brown and Natural White Stipple and Classic Natural White Smooth

Aquinas College

Meet the Perfect 10 Judge

Pum Lefebre

Pum Lefebure, Design Army
Pum Lefebure is a co-founder and creative director of Design Army in Washington DC, where she is responsible for overseeing all creative coming through the firm's doors. Pum was named in Graphic Design USA’S 50 People to Watch, and was awarded as a Rising Star by the Washington Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business. Pum regularly judges elite design competitions and serves as the chair of the 2012 One Show Design jury. She has been featured in industry publications such as Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW, Print, STEP, Novum (Germany), Coupe (Canada), Concept Magazine (Indonesia), and Art4D (Thailand).





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