Neenah Paper Announces Fundraising Campaign to Support The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum


Neenah Paper has kicked off its campaign to raise funds for The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum with the launch of a limited edition print, Form & Function, designed by Two Paperdolls. The print is available for sale now, and is the first in a series of prints to be released each month.


All monies raised from the sale of the letterpress prints will be donated directly to The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, the landmark institution for the letterpress community.


The campaign to “Help Save Hamilton” coincides with the launch last week of The Beauty of Letterpress by Neenah Paper, which presents a video featuring Museum Director Jim Moran and the Museum’s vast collections. The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, Moran explains, desperately needs funding—and an army of volunteers—to physically move millions of pieces of type, plates, presses, tools, and raw materials. “The dollars raised through the sale of the limited edition prints will contribute significantly to making a lasting impact to a rich future for the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, and for future generations of printers, designers, curators, history buffs, and all letterpress lovers,” said Moran.


The first limited edition print from The Beauty of Letterpress, Form & Function, celebrates the enormous range of styles by today’s printers and designers in the letterpress community, and placing visual and tactile emphasis on moveable type and integration of techniques possible with today’s modern letterpress technologies. Says designer Jennifer James, Two Paperdolls, “I scanned the back of some wood type to achieve an authentic texture, and adorned the letterforms with ornaments you might find in an ‘old school’ letterpress shop.” The print was letterpressed by Rohner Letterpress.


“We hope anyone who values tactile printing will come and buy a limited edition print to help save Hamilton. Imagine a world without type, typesetters, letterpress … and for just $5 donors can get a piece of printing history and help preserve it at the same time,” says Tom Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper.

Donation levels. Donations may be made now at multiple levels at The Beauty of Letterpress. Neenah Paper will double all donations up to $15k.

$5 – Limited Edition Print (a new one each month!)
$25 – Hamilton Broadside
A limited edition broadside designed and printed by Bill Moran, Artistic Director at Hamilton Wood Type and the limited edition print designed by Jennifer James of Two Paperdolls.

About Neenah Paper
For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers used for premium writing, text, cover, private watermarks, and specialty needs. The Neenah signature portfolio includes market leading brands such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, CRANE® and SUNDANCE® Papers, and in 2012 the company added the ASTROBRIGHT® and ROYAL Brands. The company also produces envelopes in thousands of unique styles.

Neenah is committed to developing relevant mobile and online technologies including the Neenah Paper Cabinet™ for Desktop tool and the new Neenah Cabinet™ for iPad, iPhone and Android apps. Follow Neenah Paper on Twitter: @neenahpaper; subscribe to the Neenah Facebook page; or visit Against the Grain, Neenah’s blog for designers, printers and paperlovers.

About Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum
Hamilton Wood Type began producing type in 1880 and within 20 years became the largest provider in the United States. Today, employees and volunteers of the Two Rivers Historical Society preserve this legacy and host educational demonstrations, field trips, workshops and offer opportunities with this vast wood type collection. The museum also illustrates antique printing technologies including hand-operated printing presses, tools of the craft and rare type specimen catalogs. Follow Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum on Twitter at @hamiltonwoodtyp, on Facebook, on Flickr or on YouTube, or visit

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