Neenah Paper Opens Annual Labels of the World Contest


Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) is pleased to open this year’s Labels of the World Contest. The contest, now open to food and other beverage labels as well as wine labels, runs from April 1 to July 30, 2011; winners will be announced Aug. 26, 2011. The 12 winning labels will be included in the beautifully designed, prestigious 2012 Labels of the World calendar. So when you submit your label to Neenah Paper’s 2011 Labels of the World Contest, you are not just entering a contest, but also potentially exposing your printer, designer, and winery to worldwide recognition. This year’s winners will also be publicized in five prestigious wine and/or label periodicals around the world.
There are two categories in the contest, the first being Wine Labels. All wine labels must be printed on CLASSIC® Wine Label Papers or ESTATE LABEL® Premium Label Papers. The second, Food and Other Beverage Labels, accepts pressure sensitive or glue-applied labels used in any number of applications such as spirits, oils, vinegars, and food. Labels can be printed on CLASSIC® Wine Label Papers or ESTATE LABEL® Premium Label Papers, or any other Neenah Paper stock.
Winners will be required to submit 2,500 labels to be included in the calendar. The fact that this calendar contains actual labels adds a tactile quality and separates it from any other calendar of its type. The 2012 calendar will be distributed to 2,500 contacts within the label print and design community, providing excellent exposure for the printers, designers, wineries, and distilleries involved. The winner of the “Best in Show” for Wine Labels will receive a $2,000 check, and the winner of the “Best in Show” for Food and Other Beverage Labels will receive a $1,000 check, each along with a certificate of recognition of their work from Neenah Paper!
For more information and to download the Labels of the World contest form, visit Labels of the World .
About Neenah Paper
For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers.  Neenah brings state-of-the-art technology to its signature brands, CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, STARWHITE®, NEENAH® and SUNDANCE®, as well as a host of other fine paper with an ever expanding digital paper offering preferred by graphic designers and printers. This summer Neenah redesigned its entire website,, to engage paper specifiers and buyers with 22 new creative tools and resources.  Neenah has created relevant, useful tools that empower customers when they want it and the way they want it.   For more information about the company, call (800) 558-5061.  Follow Neenah Paper on Twitter: @neenahpaper; become a fan on Facebook; or visit Neenah’s blog, Against the Grain.

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