Neenah Paper Achieves Green Professional Award


For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers. Neenah’s sustainability commitment is reflected through the ‘Neenah Green’ initiative, which includes mill-based solutions for minimizing environmental impact.  A proud consumer of Green Energy, Neenah Paper is also a U.S. EPA Green Power Partner that manufactures many brands carrying the Green-e, Green Seal, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications. Recently earning a ‘Green Professional’ status under the WI Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program, Neenah Paper has performed actions in each of the nine required “sustainability areas.”

Neenah has accomplished some major sustainability milestones in recent years. For instance, roughly 45% of the Neenah Paper Fine Paper division total electrical consumption is purchased wind-generated electricity. Additionally, the Appleton facility generates a significant amount of its own electricity using hydro/electric generators and harnessing water flow from the Lower Fox River. In the last five years, Neenah Paper North America has also reduced their fresh water consumption by roughly 15% per ton of paper manufactured. “Doing the right thing for the environment has become an expectation and Neenah Paper is proud to deliver on that expectation as we have for over 100 years. We have a passion for making beautiful premium paper and we make every effort to do that sustainably,” says John Gray, Director Engineering, Energy and Environment for Neenah Paper.

Neenah Paper also measures, reports and reduces greenhouse gas emissions as voluntary members of The Climate Registry. The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization and collaboration among North American states, provinces, territories and Native Sovereign Nations that sets consistent and transparent standards to calculate, verify and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions into a single registry. “Volunteering our emissions holds us accountable to meet our efforts to decrease the need for fossil fuels, reduces local air emissions and makes more energy available for the community,“ says Gray.

“It’s exciting to see Neenah Paper rewarded for its involvement in sustainability,” said Tom Eggert, Executive Director of the WI Sustainable Business Council. “As part of a key Wisconsin industry, it is great to see that they have integrated sustainable practices into their business operations. Beyond their business, Neenah Paper has joined the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to protect migratory birds whose winter habitat is the Osa peninsula of Costa Rica. Their commitment to Wisconsin sets a good example for other businesses.”

The Green Professional designation is the second highest tier in the Green Masters Program established by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.  Candidates are judged on a comprehensive range of sustainability issues from energy and natural resource use to education outreach and purchasing.  92 Wisconsin businesses have participated in the program where the top twenty percent achieve the highest “Green Master” designation.  For more information, or a complete list of Green Masters Program participants, go to: To learn about Neenah Paper’s commitment to sustainability, visit:

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