Neenah Paper has just released its latest Neenah Envelope Sampler


Neenah Paper has just released its latest Neenah Envelope Sampler. It is an essential, utilitarian tool that every print-centric designer, client, and printer needs by their desk or in their studio. Really. When you see this incredible tool, you will be immediately struck by its sheer size of 13.25 x 10 — bigger than most envelopes.

33 samples, 33 styles

The Neenah Envelope Sampler puts real, physical samples, 33 of them, right at your fingertips. The samples include the most popular sizes in the most asked for envelope styles: Commercial, Baronial, Announcement, Square, Booklet & Catalog. So, you can flip through each neatly organized section to find the size you need. A bonus: The book was thoughtfully wiro-bound, so it’s easy to lay flat on your desk while you’re working on a project.  

Useful information

If you look closely, each sample envelope presents useful information: the name of the envelope style (helpful, because the envelope industry has a language all its own), the physical size in inches, and — so you don’t have to look it up elsewhere, how many days it takes to get the envelope. The book also includes the two things every envelope specifier needs close at hand: postal guidelines and a glossary of terms. Everything in one place.

A simple message

Along with this tool, Neenah has a simple envelope message:

1. Choose the paper you want (brand, color, finish).

2. Check to see if it’s available in a writing weight or text weight.

3. If the answer is yes, then Neenah has it for you in 33 styles. (Even if it’s one box.)


Of course Neenah will make any custom envelope you want. “With the luxurious, expansive and versatile array of Neenah Papers, the envelope choices are endless,” says Michelle Turner, Envelope Brand Manager, Neenah Paper. “We’ve tried to make it simple for people to think about the envelope as a solution.”

Get a free copy through your Neenah rep or your local merchant. Find a Neenah distributor here:

For more information, free dielines, or a fact sheet, visit

About Neenah

For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of papers for premium writing, text, cover, digital, packaging and specialty needs. The Neenah signature portfolio includes market leading brands such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, and ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers. The company also offers envelopes in thousands of unique colors, finishes and styles. Neenah is committed to developing relevant mobile and online technologies including Neenah Cabinet™ for iPad, iPhone and Android. With multiple manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, prime importance is also placed on recycled and alternative fiber products through the Neenah Green initiative. For more information on Neenah call (800) 558-5061. Follow Neenah on Twitter: @neenahpaper; subscribe to the Neenah Facebook page; or visit Against the Grain, Neenah’s blog for designers, printers and paper-lovers.

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