Neenah Paper Has Nothing to Hide with Classic Crest Papers


There are some things that don't need enhancement; they're just beautiful on their own. Such is the case with Classic Crest Papers, as demonstrated in the newest promotion from Neenah Paper. The brochure opens with "110 percent—Classic Crest Papers Give You More" and takes you through several pages of ink on paper. No special processes, just ink—solid ink, metallic ink, fluorescent ink, and of course, process ink. It's Classic Crest: Unplugged.

This is when we truly see what a paper is made of, or more to the point, how it's made. It's about the quality of the raw materials, both post consumer and virgin fiber, as well as the formation of the paper. These are the things that affect the performance of a sheet on press. Superior formation gives you crisp, even ink coverage, and more weights mean more opacity options. The 110 percent promotion clearly shows that when you print on Classic Crest Papers, you print on the best. And that's a 110 percent Guarantee. If Classic Crest Text and Cover doesn't keep its performance promises, Neenah Paper will replace the paper and pay an additional 10 percent on top.

In addition to its consistent performance and extraordinary ink holdout, Classic Crest Papers offer a wide range of colors and whites, more environmentally friendly choices, and more sizes and weights.

About Neenah Paper
For over 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of premium, specialty and sustainable papers.  Neenah brings state-of-the-art technology to its signature brands, CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, STARWHITE®, NEENAH® and SUNDANCE®, as well as a host of other fine paper with an ever expanding digital paper offering preferred by graphic designers and printers. This summer Neenah redesigned its entire website,, to engage paper specifiers and buyers with 22 new creative tools and resources.  Neenah has created, relevant, useful tools that empower customers when they want it and the way they want it.   For more information about the company, call (800) 558-5061.  Follow Neenah Paper on Twitter: @neenahpaper; become a fan on Facebook,; or visit Neenah’s blog, Against the Grain, at

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