The recycled symbol, also known as the chasing-arrows logo or the mobius loop, is visible on many consumer products, including paper. All recycled papers from Neenah Paper contain a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled fiber. Papers made with 100% post consumer recycled fiber are available in the four popular finishes of the CLASSIC® Brands as well as within ENVIRONMENT® Papers, and ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers.

Used alone the recycling symbol communicates that a paper product or package is both recyclable and made entirely from recycled material. As few products or packages can make both claims, use of the symbol alone is limited. In most cases, the recycling symbol must be accompanied by qualifying statements to clarify the intended claim.

Products made from 100% recycled fiber should use either of the following symbols:

Products made with less than 100% recycled fiber should use the recycling symbol as shown below. The symbol should be accompanied by a legend identifying the total percent (by weight) of recycled fiber.

Source: American Forestry & Paper Association, Paper Recycling Symbol Guidelines & Environmental Marketing Claims


Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guides:

To ensure the symbol is used appropriately, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides “Green Guides” for its use as well as other environmental marketing claims, such as degradability, compostability, recyclability, and ozone safety.

In regards to the recycled content claims, the FTC provides specific guidelines:

  • A recycled content claim may be made only for materials that have been recovered or otherwise diverted from the solid waste stream, either during the manufacturing process (pre-consumer), or after consumer use (post-consumer).
  • Unqualified claims of recycled content may be made if the entire product or package, excluding minor, incidental components, is made from recycled material. For products or packages that are only partially made of recycled material, a recycled claim should be adequately qualified to avoid consumer deception about the amount, by weight, of recycled content in the finished product or package.

For more information, visit:

FTC Consumer Alert, Eco-Speak: A User’s Guide to the Language of Recycling

FTC Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims – Part 260 >

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