Spec and Connect Volume 24

Volume 24: Introducing ROYAL SUNDANCE™ Papers

October 2012


Real Simple


Introducing ROYAL SUNDANCE™ Papers, a unique new offering that combines the BEST of the ROYAL and SUNDANCE® Brands. One swatchbook with five finishes - Felt, Fiber, Smooth, Linen and Laid - each with its own unique color palette that includes a range of whites and its most popular business colors. There are also five common colors across the Felt, Smooth, Linen and Laid finishes: Brilliant White, Ultra White, 100 PC White, Natural and Eclipse Black™. As America's number one fiber offering, ROYAL SUNDANCE Fiber offers 14 colors infused with fibers and flecks. With matching envelopes, digital options, and a selection of certified green papers, specifying this economically priced paper is REAL SIMPLE.


The Beauty of Engraving


The Beauty of Engraving

The art of engraving has a rich history and an exciting future, ready to be rediscovered. To pay tribute to this age-old print technique, Neenah has launched www.beautyofengraving.com, where you'll find a virtual gallery of engraved samples on beautiful CRANE® Papers. Made from pure cotton linter fibers, CRANE'S CREST®, CRANE'S BOND® and CRANE'S LETTRA® Papers are 100 percent tree-free and have always been the paper of choice for engraving artists, letterpress printers, and branding design firms for exquisite identities. You can explore the history of engraving, tips for designers, and limited edition engraved samples created and curated by some of today's most prestigious and popular design, branding and typography talent. Each month the site will feature a different engraver and designer, who together will produce limited edition prints that will be available for free to a limited number of site visitors each month. Visit the website now and register to receive notification of new releases.


Neenah Cabinet

Revised and Refreshed. Revisit Cabinet™

Whether you like to work hard, work fast, work late, work neat, or just want to dazzle clients with your creative genius, Neenah Cabinet works for you. Cabinet™ allows you to sort by paper colors, finishes and weights within seconds. You can compare paper attributes, build printer spec sheets, identify and sample papers, organize and save projects, utilize calculating tools, order Personal Proofs™, and much more. Neenah also offers Cabinet for iPad®, available at the iTunes® App Store, allowing you instant access to everything Neenah as well as the ability to manage your print projects anytime, anywhere. So unlock the Cabinet, and see how much easier specifying paper can be.



For more information on samples and promotions, contact your local NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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