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Neenah 100% Cotton

NEENAH® Cotton Papers

100% Cotton Papers

Neenah has been making naturally strong and irresistibly soft cotton fiber papers for over a century. With their premium feel, subtle texture, and enduring resilience, NEENAH® Cotton Papers make an impact.

History of Tradition and Technique

NEENAH® Cotton Papers are the perfect choice for projects that need to stand the test of time, from invitations and letterheads to envelopes and professional documents.The superior craftsmanship that goes into these 100 percent cotton papers, makes them ideal for letterpress, engraving, embossing, foil, and digital or offset printing.


Fluorescent White, Pearl White




  • 80 lb Text, 90 lb and 110 lb Cover, and 220 lb Double Thick Cover

Digital Papers

Universal digital finish is compatible with all digital presses such as: HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress®.


Digital Items Available

Digital-ready Letterpress papers are available in 18 x 12 and 110C (21.5pt)