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Endura® Wide Format

Durable, Premium Latex-saturated Media

Endura® is bright white premium cellulose based wet strength durable print media. Endura® is saturated with latex for durable indoor and temporary outdoor use. Strength, tear-resistance, flexibility, and the ability to fold without the image cracking are key benefits of the Endura® line. Available for both poster and pressure-sensitive (PSA) applications.

Available Options:

  • Endura® Satin: The perfect choice when a more economical yet high quality print is needed. Available in 7, 10, and 17 pt thicknesses.
  • Endura® Matte: An excellent choice for an economical, yet high quality matte finish.
  • Endura® Stick-P: A 7 pt permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) material for permanent displays and signage.
  • Features and Benefits:

    • Bright white
    • FSC® certified
    • Permanent pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Recyclable and PVC free

    Installation Options

    Endura® Stick-P is easy to apply large graphics to rigid boards, for many types of display graphics applications.

    Handling Tips:

    Because every wall surface and substrate varies, NEENAH encourages print service providers to fully test surface before using Endura® Stick-P in production and application.


    • Wall Decor and Murals
    • Trade show displays


    • Eco-solvent / Solvent
    • Latex
    • UV
    • Offset / Screen

    Product Safety

    • PVC FREE Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, and Heavy Metal Free
    • Contains No - IARC Group 1 Carcinogens (International Agency on the Research of Cancer)
    • Contains No - OSHA Regulated Toxic metal or Carcinogens
    • Contains No - OSHA Regulated Toxic Metal or Carcinogens
    • Contains No - USEPA Toxic Release Inventory Substances (Complete USEPA toxic chemical list, including persistent, bio- accumulative and toxic substances or PBT’s)
    • Complies with European REACH Standards