Neenah Paper History

Neenah Paper History

Neenah Paper has built a tradition of innovation, service and growth since its founding in 1873 in Neenah, WI.

Our Neenah Mill holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating mill within Neenah Paper, Inc., our parent company. With two paper machines, the Neenah Mill represents over a century of paper making heritage – a heritage that combines time-honored craftsmanship with advanced technology.

First in the Lead

The first mill brand watermark, OLD COUNCIL TREE Bond, was introduced by Neenah Paper in 1908. Within a few years, using paper with a mill brand watermark became a symbol of authenticity and distinction for business and personal correspondence papers.

Recognized Quality

Another industry milestone, introduced in 1962, was CLASSIC Laid. The Brand became the most widely recognized premium uncoated paper in North America and was the foundation for the CLASSIC Family of Premium Papers.

The Preferred Choice

Today, our brands are among the most recognized and preferred in North America. The Neenah Paper family of brands is available on six continents.

We continue to advance the ideals established over 125 years ago with the constant pursuit of new business opportunities and market driven products.

Prime importance is also placed on offering recycled and alternative fiber products to our customers. By using recycled paper we reduce the solid waste disposal burden and lessen landfill dependency.

We invite you to experience the unmatched level of product quality, innovation and service we offer to all our designers, printers and end-use customers.

Our commitment to these ideals is advocated throughout Neenah Paper, Inc., our parent company.

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