BELLA® Label Papers


Natural, White
55 lb Text in Burlap and Smooth. 60 lb. Text in Burlap, Smooth and Vellum. Special weights and finishes are available by special order and are subject to mill minimums.
NEW Burlap, Smooth, Vellum and Laid
  • Uncoated textured labels from Neenah Packaging compliment the artistry behind premium craft beverages.
  • Neenah label papers apply comfortably in glue-applied or pressure sensitive environments. 
  • Custom colors, finishes, weights and special sizes available.


Proven Performance.

There are few applications that ask more of a premium paper than a label. For more than a decade, Neenah Paper has been creating label papers that are engineered specifically to meet the challenges of label printing applications.

Beautifully Durable.

BELLA Label performs extremely well on high-speed presses and labeling lines and easily accepts a variety of  common production techniques such as multicolor printing, embossing, die-cutting, foil stamping, letter press, offset lithography, and flexographic techniques.

Refrigerator Ready.

BELLA Label is made with a “wet strength” additive to increase resistance to tearing or shriveling in moist environments. BELLA Label also is guaranteed to fall consistently within Printing Industries of America’s Cobb range standards. Paper that is outside the recommended range can absorb too much or too little moisture, which can result in label adhesion problems.

Pressure Sensitive.

BELLA Label can also be converted for use on pressure sensitive label equipment. Check with your paper merchant for availability.

Neenah Packaging has three label offerings to meet any project need:

CLASSIC® Wine Label Papers

Nothing equals the power of a label to attract and influence a wine customer. That’s why premium vintners choose CLASSIC® Premium Wine Label Papers.

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With outstanding performance from the bottling line to the ice bucket, ESTATE LABEL® sets the standard for excellence in uncoated label paper.

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Burlap (select color to view available products)

90 Brightness

Laid (select color to view available products)

90 Brightness

Smooth (select color to view available products)

90 Brightness

Vellum (select color to view available products)

90 Brightness
Bella Label Beer Product Info

BELLA® Label

November 2011 Edition

BELLA® Label Papers perform extremely well on high-speed presses and labeling lines, and easily accept die-cutting, embossing, and foil stamping as well as letterpress, offset lithography and flexographic techniques.

BELLA® Label Beer Label Product Information Sheet offers:

  • Features and Benefits
  • Printed Color Chips
  • Stocking Sizes

Each copy is $0.99.

BELLA® Label

Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Burlap 55T 81 90 4.5
Laid 47T 70 88 3.7
55T 81 90 4.3
60T 89 90 4.7
Smooth 47T 70 88 3.5 125
60T 89 90 4.4 125
Vellum 60T 89 90 5.0 240

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