Glossary of Paper Terms

Glossary of Paper Terms


Thin, protective coating applied to a printed sheet of paper for protection or improved appearance.
The liquid part of an ink that gives it flow, enabling it to be applied to a surface.
Term usually applied to a paper finish that exhibits a toothy surface which is very similar to eggshell or antique finishes. A vellum finish is relatively absorbent to provide good ink penetration.
Vellum Paper
Very strong, good quality cream colored or natural paper made to impersonate calfskin parchment. Also, the term is often applied to the finish of paper rather than a grade of paper. Stationery is often referred to as vellum. Also, tracing paper used by architects and artists.
A black and white print for proofing or for display.
Halftone whose background gradually fades away to blend with the surface of the paper.
Paper made from the fibers in their first use, usually from wood pulp.
Another name for thermography or raised printing.
Broad term that encompasses the properties of tack and flow as applied to inks.

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