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A Legacy of Innovation

In the 1940s, Neenah pioneered the complex science of latex impregnation (saturation). Since then, our products have replaced those made from wood, plastic, cloth and leather. We’ve overcome once-accepted material limitations with innovations providing new performance and value. And the best part for our customers is that the future will bring even more improvements. Visit

Abrasive Backings

NEENAH® Performance Materials has over 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of latex-saturated and coated papers used in abrasive backings products worldwide. With an established track record for quality and performance, we are the preferred choice for backing systems used in waterproof and dry sanding applications.

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Cleanroom Paper

Trusted Beyond a Particle of a Doubt. Neenah is trusted to keep clean rooms clean through research, experience and innovation. Our Munising LP is latex-saturated to reduce free particles and particle-releasing tears.

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Custom Solutions

Neenah Performance Materials provides a range of custom solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper is specially designed and engineered paper that can be digitally printed using inkjet or laser printers and be transferred to a variety of garments, fabrics and other hard surfaces by the use of heat and pressure.

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Medical Packaging Paper

Neenah’s Reinforced Papers Deliver Breathable Barrier Properties, Excellent Conformability, Printability, Handling and Cost. Neenah was first in recognizing the need for reinforced papers in breathable barrier applications in the early 1980s and we have been engineering solutions for sterile packaging customers ever since. Our strong, conformable materials allow for the manufacture of sterile packages for medical devices which meet EN868 and are available in a variety of configurations to meet all of your manufacturing needs and performance targets.

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Performance Labels

Neenah Performance Labels’ knowledge, expertise, and technology as the leading supplier for high performance labels are built-on more than 75 years of experience. Neenah stands behind our brand reputation, delivering consistently highest quality products for high performance labels and tags.

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Publishing Products

Neenah leads the way in research, technology, and problem solving for publishing customers ­ with finished covering materials, and bindery components.

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Release Paper

Neenah Performance Materials provides a range of specialty products for the Release Liner market. These grades are latex impregnated to provide excellent dimensional stability and softness when standard kraft grades are not adequate.

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Security Paper

Neenah Security produces covering materials for personal security documents, that have been developed to withstand the extreme usage typical for items such as passport.

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Tape Backings

NEENAH® Performance Materials leads the way in research, technology and problem-solving. With more than 125 years of experience and knowledge, we know our business, and we're responding to yours. Whatever your needs, NEENAH® Performance Materials has an extensive line of Tape and Premask products which are designed to meet your expectations.

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Wood Veneer Backings

For over 60 years Neenah Performance Materials has been a leading innovative manufacturer and supplier of technically advanced materials used by our customers to create superior performing products. Neenah Performance Materials is a major supplier of impregnated papers used as laminating bases for a variety of end uses in the furniture and wood products industry. Due to the highly specialized nature of the end uses, many of the our products are custom designed to meet individual customer requirements.

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