EAMES Papers

Two whites and three neutral accent colors
Three unique finishes: Canvas, Diffused and Vellum
24 lb. Writing; 50 lb., 80 lb. Text; 80 lb., 100 lb., 120 lb. Cover

  • Based on the work and working philosophies of Charles and Ray Eames
  • The Canvas finish reminiscent of a painter's canvas adds distinctive texture to your design
  • The Diffused finish with crepe-like texture provides a unique, partially transparent printing surface
  • The soft Vellum finish is ideal for everything from the every day to the extraordinary
  • Matching envelopes are readily available starting simply with 1 box

Digital Details


Neenah Paper’s Universal Digital Finishes are highly recommended for any digital printing press such as HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress® or Canon ImagePRESS.™
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Color: Eames Solar White Vellum
Weights: 100 lb. Cover
Sizes: 18 x 12

A Brighter Shade of Green

Green Seal Certified      Recycled     

Inspired by Greatness

The result of a unique collaboration between Neenah and the Eames Office, the papers feature textures, patterns, colors, and opacities found in the Eames’s architecture, design, photography, and vast personal collections. Like the work of Charles and Ray Eames, EAMES Papers are equally appropriate for the extraordinary and the everyday.

3 Unique Finishes. All Uniquely Eames

Modern. Minimal. Unforgettable. Canvas finish’s rich painterly textures feature a surface which feels like a painter’s gessoed canvas, providing both a high degree of ink holdout and sense of touch to any print communication. Stand out by using the Diffused finish, a excellent printing surface for your designs. Vellum finish is unmatched for perfection run after run. 

Mix and Match

Just like architects and interior designers, you can create a coordinated look by combining various papers within the EAMES Papers.

Design Heavyweights

With double thick covers for designs that need to stand the test of time, EAMES Papers can provide the perfect foundation for your next project, large or small, from start to finish.

Printing Tips

Following these suggestions will help you achieve maximum performance on EAMES Papers by Neenah. It is recommended to pretest all production procedures prior to press time to ensure the desired results are achieved. Sample sheets can be ordered on our website or are available through authorized Neenah distributors.

View EAMES Papers Printing Tips

Canvas (select color to view available products)

Brown Umber
Eames Solar White
T | C | DTC
97 Brightness
Eames White
T | C | DTC
85 Brightness

Diffused (select color to view available products)

Eames White
85 Brightness

Vellum (select color to view available products)

Eames Solar White
W | T | C | DTC
97 Brightness
Eames White
T | C | DTC
85 Brightness
The Design Collection

The Design Collection Swatchbook

2013 Edition

Neenah and Cordenons have embarked on a relationship that brings two worlds together in one Design Collection. Blending five iconic North American lines with six stylish Italian brands, the portfolio boasts the best of both worlds.
  • 6x9" (152x229mm)
  • Printability section
  • Stocking Charts 

Each copy is $9.99.

Product Information Sheet

EAMES Papers Product Information Sheet

August 2013 Edition

EAMES™ Papers rich and practical papers inspired by the work and working philosophies of design legends Charles and Ray Eames.

EAMES™ Papers Product Information Sheet offers:

  • Printed Color Chips
  • Brand Comparisons
  • Stocking Sizes
  • True to touch, printed on EAMES™ Cover EAMES SOLAR WHITE 80C Canvas (Painting)

Each copy is $0.99.

Digital Product Info Sheet

Envelope Product Information Sheet

February 2015 Edition

Now with over 18,000 envelope items, Neenah has the most comprehensive offering of envelopes in the industry! Matching envelopes are available for all of our brands in a variety of styles and sizes.

Neenah Envelope Product Information Sheet offers:  

  • Same Day, Three Day, Five Day and Ten Day Shipping Availability
  • Stocked Envelope Styles and Sizes 
  • Postal Requirement Template 


Each copy is $0.99.

EAMES Paper Collection

Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Canvas 80C 216 99 12.3
80T 118 94 7.4
120DTC 324 99 17.0
Diffused 50T 74 70 6.2
Vellum 24W 90 90 5.0 280
80C 216 98 12.0 330
80T 118 96 6.5 310
100C 270 99 15.0 330
100T 148 97 8.2 310
120DTC 324 99 17.0 330

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