Azure Blue, Ecru White, Flourescent White, Moonstone Grey, Natural White, Pearl White
Imaging, Kid, Laid, Smooth, Wove
24 lb. Writing to 268 lb. 4-ply


  • The world’s best-selling cotton fiber paper.
  • All Writing and Text weights are guaranteed for laser and ink jet printers and high speed copiers



Digital Details

Neenah Paper’s Universal Digital Finishes are highly recommended for any digital printing press such as HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress® or Canon ImagePRESS.™ 
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Color: Fluorescent White
Weight: 90 lb. Cover
Size: 18 x 12

Green Since 1801

Pure cotton Crane papers are made from cotton linters—
a byproduct of the cotton industry that is recognized by the EPA as recovered fiber. Not only are these fibers environmentally responsible, they make a paper of superior quality. In addition, the repeatedly reusable cotton in CRANE'S CREST® Papers can be recycled with traditional paper.

For more information, visit Crane and the environment.


The Medium is the Message

Beautiful yet dependable, strong yet soft, cotton is a noted material used to state significance, to impress and to add unique texture to business communications. Distinguished by its elegant and crisp character, CRANE'S’S CREST® Papers announce clearly that you care about your business correspondence and that you have taken the time to choose the best.

Naturally Better

Cotton paper is naturally brighter than wood-fiber paper, which requires greater chemical processing to achieve a clean, bright appearance. In addition, the fibers of cotton paper interlock with intrinsic strength, enabling CRANE’S CREST® Papers to withstand the rigors of any printing process, remaining crisp and fresh.

The Mark of History

Crane & Co. is now in its seventh generation, with roots going back to before the American Revolution.

Paul Revere, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Queen Mum are among the millions—from the eminent to the ordinary, from heads of state to heads of households, from European monarchs to Hollywood royalty—who have relied on the fine 100% cotton Crane Papers to help shape their piece of history.

View a gallery of exquisite engraving on CRANE'S Papers.



Matching Envelopes

Imaging (select color to view available products)

Fluorescent White
W | T
98 Brightness
Natural White
Pearl White
87 Brightness

Kid (select color to view available products)

Ecru White
Fluorescent White
T | C | DTC
98 Brightness
Pearl White
T | C | DTC
87 Brightness

Smooth (select color to view available products)

Fluorescent White
98 Brightness
Moonstone Grey
Natural White
Pearl White
87 Brightness

Wove (select color to view available products)

Fluorescent White
98 Brightness
Natural White
Pearl White
Digital Product Info Sheet

Envelope Product Information Sheet

February 2015 Edition

Now with over 18,000 envelope items, Neenah has the most comprehensive offering of envelopes in the industry! Matching envelopes are available for all of our brands in a variety of styles and sizes.

Neenah Envelope Product Information Sheet offers:  

  • Same Day, Three Day, Five Day and Ten Day Shipping Availability
  • Stocked Envelope Styles and Sizes 
  • Postal Requirement Template 


Each copy is $0.99.


Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Imaging 24W 90 90 4.8 180
80T 118 92 6.7 180
Kid 70T 104 92 6.5 300
80T 118 92 7.5 300
90C 243 92 13.4 300
134DTC 362 99 20.0 300
179DTC 484 99 28.0 300
Smooth 80C 216 92 10.3 140
90C 243 92 12.1 140
110C 297 92 14.3 140
Wove 24W 90 92 5.3 300
28W 105 90 6.3 300

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