I'm Curbside Recyclable!

Designed for non-fragile soft goods.

I’m a star performer

  • Puncture and water resistant
  • Peel seal for easy, secure closure
  • Embedded tear strip for easy opening
  • Gusseted bottom for more flexibility
  • Return tab available on custom orders

And, I’m in stock and ready to ship

The medium size mailer in Natural 50% PCW is in stock now! Printed with “I’m Curbside Recyclable” messaging on the back, and ready for your custom label.


Need more sizes?
I can be customized for your brand

NEENAH ENVIRONMENT Mailer Customizable for your brand

Same features but make it your own! Plus, a return tab available in all three sizes.

Custom Order options:
  • Choice of base color: Bright White 50% PCW or Natural 50% PCW
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Printable up to 5 colors, including varnish
  • Return tab available on all sizes 
Also includes:
  • Peel seal for secure closure, and a tear strip for easy opening
  • Gusseted bottom for more flexibility

I'm all about the environment

Check out the various environmentally-responsible certifications our Environment Mailer has achieved below. It ticks every box, making it the perfect eco-friendly option for mailing clothes and other soft goods!

Mailer Certifications

Did you know?

There are plastic mailers that state they are 100% recyclable. Unfortunately, If they are placed in the home recycling bin, they become a paper contaminate in the recycle stream. To be properly recycled, plastic mailers must be brought to a 3rd party facility – an extra step that most won’t take.


To learn more, please contact your NEENAH sales representative.

*According to the Fibre Box Association voluntary standard Tier 1 testing.