Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail


Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Legend Box

The words "BUSINESS REPLY MAIL" are required above the address in capital (upper case) letters 3/16" minimum height. Immediately below this, the words "FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO." followed by the permit number and the name of the issuing Post Office (city and state) in capital letters.

Note: This should be enclosed in lines forming a box.

Postage Paid Line

Locate the statement "POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE" (in capital letters) under the business reply legend box.

Company Logo

A company logo is permitted in the address block as long as it does not extend below the top of the delivery address line. The logo must not interfere with any of the required business reply endorsements.

Facing Identification Mark (FIM)

A facing identification mark (FIM) is another type of postal barcode used in computerized processing of the mail. It's the pattern of vertical bars printed on the top right portion of the address side of the piece. A FIM (specifically FIM type B or C) is required on all BRM postcard and letter-size mailpieces. This is required so computerized cancellation equipment can align, postmark and direct the mailpiece properly. Additionally, a "FIM B" is for pieces without barcode, "FIM C" is a piece with the barcode (FIM Pattern Type A is for courtesy reply mail only).

Note: Please consult your local Postal Business Center or the Domestic Mail Manual for further information on FIM Types.

Facing Identification Mark (FIM) Location: A FIM clear zone must be maintained and can contain only the appropriate FIM pattern. The right boundary of this clear zone must be 1 3/4" from the right edge of the mailpiece and the left boundary must be 3" from the right edge. The top of the bars cannot be any lower than 1/8" from the top edge, and may extend over the top edge to the back (flap) of an envelope. The bottoms of the bars should be within plus or minus 1/8" of the bottom edge of the clear zone. The clear zone is 5/8" deep, measured from the top edge of the mailpiece. The right-most FIM bar should be 1 7/8” to 2 1/8” from the right edge of the mailpiece. FIM bars should be 1/2" minimum and 3/4" maximum in height, and at least 0.03125" plus or minus 0.008" wide.

Postage Endorsement Box

Be sure to print the endorsement "NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES" in the upper right corner on the face of the mailpiece. Take care not to extend any further than 1 3/4" from the right edge of the mailpiece. Endorsements should be enclosed in lines forming a box.

Horizontal Bars

Print a series of horizontal bars immediately below the "NO POSTAGE" endorsement. These bars must be uniform in size, at least 1" long, 1/16" to 3/16" in thickness and evenly spaced. These bars may not extend below the delivery address line, located directly above the line containing the city, state and ZIP Code. There must be at least 1/2" clearance between the ZIP Code and the horizontal bars.

Postnet Barcode

A barcode is a series of tall and short bars that are printed on a mailpiece. The barcode on BRM represents the 9-digit ZIP + 4, code. A camera-ready positive may be obtained free of charge from your local Postal Business Center.

POSTNET Barcode Location: The location of the barcode is on the address side of the mailpiece within a clear read zone as indicated. This area needs to be free of any printing other than the barcode. The clear zone extends up 5/8" from the bottom-right edge and at least 4 3/4" leftward of the right edge of the mailpiece. Within the barcode clear zone, the left-most bar of the barcode must be located no more than 4 1/4" and not less the 3 1/3" from the right edge of the mailpiece. The bottom, or baseline, of the barcode must be 1/4" (plus or minus 1/16") from the bottom edge of the mailpiece. The barcode must be completely contained within the barcode area.

Business Reply Mail Size Standards

For letter sized mail to be considered “machinable” and compatible with USPS computerized processing equipment, it must meet specifics standards for size and thickness.

Business Reply Mail Chart

Note: Larger postcard sizes are mailable; however, they will be charged at the regular First-Class Mail letter rates.

Paper Weight Considerations:
The thickness must be at least 0.007" thick and not more than 0.0095" thick.

Visit the USPS web site for additional information.

USPS Regulations

This information is intended to simplify the USPS regulations for your direct mail projects.
While we made every attempt to be accurate with the information we shared, only the USPS can supply information that is guaranteed accurate. Always consult with your Post Office representative to make sure you are compliant with the rules and regulations.

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