Green-e Certified

Green-e is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions in the retail market. The Center for Resource Solutions, the national nonprofit that administers Green-e, works to increase the amount of renewable energy used worldwide.

Effective December 2007, the CRS discontinued beneficiary use of the Green-e logo. This policy was uniformly applied to all paper companies that participate in the Green-e Marketplace Program. Consequently, purchasers of Neenah Paper products are not permitted to use the Green-e logo or the claim “Green-e” on their printed materials. When using a Green-e Certified sheet from Neenah Paper you may make the claim: "Made with 100% Certified Renewable Energy."

Organizations that buy Green-e® Certified renewable energy (or generate their own electricity) can apply for Green-e logo use through Green-e Marketplace. Green-e Marketplace provides forward-thinking companies with a simple, nationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their commitment to renewable energy to their customers and shareholders. The Green-e logo is the nation’s leading symbol of renewable energy excellence and distinguishes Green-e Marketplace participants as environmental leaders.

For more information about Green-e Marketplace, call 415-561-2100 or email

Green-e Certified Brands

ALL colors in CLASSIC CREST® Papers

CLASSIC® Linen Papers
All colors in CLASSIC® Linen Papers

CLASSIC® Laid Papers
All colors in CLASSIC® Laid Papers

All colors in CLASSIC COLUMNS® Papers

CLASSIC® Stipple Papers
ALL colors in CLASSIC® Stipple Papers

CLASSIC® Techweave Papers
All colors in CLASSIC® Techweave Papers

CLASSIC® Woodgrain Papers
All colors in CLASSIC® Woodgrain Papers

ALL colors in ENVIRONMENT® Papers

ALL colors in ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers

ALL colors in STARWHITE® Papers

Contact Us for more information concerning the use of the "green" logos.

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