5 crisp whites and lights; view the chipchart for more options.
24 lb., 28 lb. Writing; 88 lb. Pasted Bristol


  • 100% and 25% cotton fiber options
  • Unwatermarked Writing weight papers
  • Coordinating announcement collection   
  • All Writing weights are guaranteed for laser and ink jet printers and high speed copiers
  • Matching sheets, envelopes, announcement and label stock are available in 5 key white colors

A Brighter Shade of Green

Forest Stewardship Council       Green Seal Certified      

Classic Service Guaranteed*

All Neenah CLASSIC Papers are guaranteed to print to your satisfaction or your money back.*

All are guaranteed to ship when promised or a significant discount will be credited to your order.**
All top-selling CLASSIC Paper items are guaranteed to always be available in Neenah Paper’s inventory up to 10,000 pounds or a significant discount will be credited to your account. Download a list of the top selling items.

* Applies to paper as received (not post-trimmed) and printed using acceptable printing practices.

** Does not apply to online orders.

Matching Envelopes

Wove (select color to view available products)

Avon Brilliant White
93 Brightness
Classic Natural White
Recycled Bright White
89 Brightness
Solar White
97 Brightness
Product Information Sheet

CLASSIC COTTON® Product Information Sheet

2010 Edition

CLASSIC COTTON® Papers create an impression for any business identity.  Its cotton content and genuine watermark is a reflection of quality and prestige, and add a level of security to company letterhead.  Its cockle finish is renowned for its crisp rattle and distinctive feel.

CLASSIC COTTON Product Information Sheet offers:

  • Green Certifications
  • Printed Color Chips
  • Brand Comparisons
  • Stocking Sizes
  • True to touch, printed on CLASSIC COTTON Cover Bristol SOLAR WHITE 88PBR

Each copy is $0.99.

Digital Product Info Sheet

Envelope Product Information Sheet

February 2015 Edition

Now with over 18,000 envelope items, Neenah has the most comprehensive offering of envelopes in the industry! Matching envelopes are available for all of our brands in a variety of styles and sizes.

Neenah Envelope Product Information Sheet offers:  

  • Same Day, Three Day, Five Day and Ten Day Shipping Availability
  • Stocked Envelope Styles and Sizes 
  • Postal Requirement Template 


Each copy is $0.99.


Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Wove 24W 90 88 5.0 240
28W 105 90 5.6 240
88DTC 238 98 11.5 240

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