Glossary of Paper Terms

Glossary of Paper Terms


Imitation Parchment
Paper made with irregular distribution of fibers.
In digital imaging, an imagesetter capable of outputting a film flat with 4, 8 or more pages in imposed position.
Impression Cylinder
In printing, the cylinder on a printing press against which the paper picks up the impression from the inked plate in direct printing, or the blanket in offset printing.
Pressure of type of blanket as it comes in contact with paper.
To print other information on a previously printed piece by running it through a press again.
An auxiliary printing unit, usually employing rubber letterpress plates; imprints copy on top side of web and permits imprint copy to be changed while press is running at full speed.
Mailing permit imprints that are preprinted on envelopes, mailing cartons, etc.
Ink Absorption
Extent of ink penetration into paper.
Ink Absorption
The degree with which paper will absorb ink.
Ink Dot Scum
On aluminum plates, a type of oxidation scum characterized by scattered pits that print sharp, dense dots.
Ink Drum
A metal drum, either solid or cored; a part of an inking mechanism; used to break down the ink and transfer it to the form rollers.
Ink Fountain
In printing presses, the device which stores and supplies ink to the inking rollers.
Ink Holdout
An important printing paper quality - the ability to keep ink on top of the paper's surface. An inked image printed on paper with a high degree of ink holdout will dry by oxidation rather than absorption.
Ink Jet Printing
In digital printing, a plateless printing system that produces images directly on paper from digital data using streams of very fine drops of dyes which are controlled by digital signals to produce images on paper.
Ink Receptive
Having the property of being wet by greasy ink, in preference to water.
Ink Resistance
Resistance to the penetration of the ink vehicle; also called ink hold-out.
Inking Mechanism
On a printing press, the ink fountain and all the parts used to meter, transfer, break down, distribute, cool or heat, and supply the ink to the printing members. Also called inking system.
Denotes a production line of machinery, as required for the more or less complete manufacturing of a given product.
A printed piece prepared for insertion into a publication or another printed piece.
Type or design etched into a metal plate as opposed to raised letters as in letterpress.
The extreme strength, degree or amount of ink.
Interleaves (slip sheets)
Paper inserted between sheets as they come off the printing press to prevent transfer of wet ink from one to the other. Also, accessory sheets between parts in a form.

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