Glossary of Paper Terms

Glossary of Paper Terms


Hairline Register
Register within ± ½ row of dots.
In photography, a blurred effect, resembling a halo, usually occurring in the highlight areas or around bright objects.
Half Binding
A style of binding wherein the shelf-back and the corners are bound in a different material from that used on the sides.
Halftone Negative Artwork (screened negative)
The negative film produced when continuous-tone artwork is shot through a halftone screen.
Halftone Positive Artwork (screened positive)
A photographic positive containing a halftone image.
Halftone Screen
An engraved glass through which continuous tone copy is photographed and reduced to a series of dots for halftone printing.
Reproduction of continuous tone artwork with the image formed dots of various sizes.
Handmade Finish
Paper with a rough finish resembling handmade paper.
Hard (dot)
a halftone dot characterized by a sharp, clean cut edge.
Another term for casebound.
Hardcover (casebound, edition binding)
Nonflexible book binding made of thick, glazed board.
Paper that has been treated with a large amount of size to increase its resistance to moisture. Slack-sized is the opposite.
Wood from deciduous trees having short fibers.
Head Trim
The amount allowed for the top trim.
A small strip of silk or cotton used for decoration at the top of a book between the sheets and the cover. In hand binding, a real tape to which the signatures are sewn.
On a paper machine, the box that dispenses the appropriate amount of furnish (pulp) into the papermaking process.
The top of a page of text which can be a chapter heading, title line, etc…
Head-to-Head Imposition
An imposition which requires that pages be laid out with the top of a page (head) positioned across the top of the page (head) opposite it on the form.
Head-to-Tail Imposition
An imposition which requires that pages be laid out with the top of a page (head) positioned across the from the bottom (tail) of the page opposite on the form.
Heat-Set Inks
Inks used in high-speed web offset. They set rapidly under heat and are quickly chilled.
In offset, spots or imperfections in the printed image traceable to such things as dirt on the press, dried ink skin, paper particles, dust, etc…
High Bulk
A paper (normally book paper) specifically manufactured to retain a thickness not found in papers of the same basis weight. Frequently used to give thickness to a book with minimal amount of pages.
High Contrast
In photography, describes a reproduction in which the difference in darkness between neighboring areas is greater than in the original.
High Finish
A term referring to a paper that has a smooth, hard finish applied through calendering or other processes.
High Key Picture
A continuous tone photo made up of predominantly highlight (white) areas.
Highlight Halftone
The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the absence of all dots.
High-Speed Printer
Computer which prints in excess of 300 lines per minute.
The flexible joint where the covers of a hardbound book meet the spine, permitting the covers to open without breaking the spine of the book or breaking the signatures apart.
An impression from a stamping die.
A term referring to papers that retain much of the resinous ink components on the surface of the sheet rather than absorbing them into a fiber network. Papers with too much holdout cause problems with setoff.
In color, the main attribute of a color which distinguishes it from other colors. See Chroma.
Moisture condition of the air. Relative humidity is the percent of moisture relative to the actual amount which air at any given temperature can retain without precipitation.
Hydra Pulper
Vat with a special type of agitator used to hydrate and prepare pulp for papermaking.
A papermaking process that involves beating the pulp so as to increase its ability to hold water and produce a paper with the proper moisture content.
Describes paper with an affinity for water.
Describes paper that tends to be water repellent.
Describes paper that readily absorbs moisture.

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