Designing Spirited Labels
October 22, 2013 
Kevin Shaw, founder and creative director of Stranger & Stranger, talks about labels as discussion makers, stats on what persuades buyers, and how you can apply these lessons to designing for other markets.

High-End Invitations
September 24, 2013 
Karen Mar, creative manager, MGM Resorts International, and Suzie McKig, co-owner of Twig & Fig, reveal their pro tips for designing high-end invitations- from how to handle the initial client meet to selecting paper and print processes that bring magic to luxury events.

Gift Card Designs that Sell
May 21, 2013 
Jim Moriarty, Vice President of Sales for PBM Graphics, and Elizabeth Corbett, Director of Sales for New Business Development for Neenah, offer insights on trends in the exploding gift card market and examples of some of the best gift card designs in the industry.

The Beauty of Letterpress
March 26, 2013 
Vanessa Kreckel offers up tips and tricks to maximize designs using letterpress, discusses how you can achieve different results with different papers and of course, shows off her latest gallery of gorgeous letterpress examples.

Uncoated Paper: Reap the Marketing Rewards
January 29, 2013 
Industry-leading experts Jake Lefebure, Tom Wright, and Carrie Otto offer best-practice tips and tricks for creating files, give pointers on how and when to choose uncoated papers, and share some of today's most visually exciting and successful examples of corporate identity pieces printed on uncoated paper.

Packaging Panache
November 29, 2012 
Un-Studio co-founder Kathrin Blatter provides tips on how to use paper to design boxes that simply beg to be opened.

Creative Marketing with Digital Print
October 23, 2012 
Vivian Cohen Leisorek of HP Indigo talks about the latest trends in digital printing and shares examples of well executed design in higher-end markets from HP Indigo customers around the world.

Design with Special Print Techniques
September 11, 2012 
Vanessa Kreckel and Greg Ash from Two PaperDolls help you understand specialty printing and finishing techniques and how to combine them into your design for greatest effect.

How to Use Laser Cuts in Print Design
July 10, 2012 
Katherine Headrick, paper division manager for Laser Excel, talks about the process of laser cutting and laser etching, how to prepare laser-friendly artwork, and how the techniques can add value and impact to a wide variety of printed applications.

The Tactics of Color Strategy 
February 14, 2012 
Color expert Jack Bredenfoerder, director of BV Color Strategy, reveals his five key components of forming a compelling color strategy.

The Art of the Invitation 
November 29, 2011 
Suzie McKing of Twig & fig, shares examples of the amazing invitations she has produced and talks about how you can achieve a look that fits the tastes of the client and the tone of the event.

Mixing it Up: How to Combine Specialty Finishing Processes 
October 27, 2011 
Sheila Donnelly of Precise Continental, presents an artistic, modern, and fun menu of specialty processes that you can mix and match to create business cards, letterhead, folders, invitations, and brochures that satisfy the pickiest of customers in a marketplace with a decidedly discerning palette.

Pushing the Digital Envelope 
September 8, 2011 
Megan Smith Valdez, director of Client Services at B Squared, and Scott Crockeet, a third-generation printer and co-owner of Keiger Printing Company, will reveal little known secrets about digital printing in 2011.

Texture: From Engraving to Thermography
July 21, 2011 
Don Burdge, president of BurdgeCooper, will help you determine which process best fits your needs when designing and producing materials like stationery, letterhead, business cards, invitations–or anything you want to have that textured feel.

Unleash the Power of Specialty Folds 
July 1, 2011 
Trish Witkowski, founder of foldfactory.com shows how the use of specialty folding can create excitement and irresistible “open me” quality for the most successful direct mail and promotional pieces.

Designing the Whole Package 
March 29, 2011 
Packaging is a growing market for designers, and one laden with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. Listen to the replay of guest speaker Michael Osborne, president of Michael Osborne Design, in exploring this exciting area. You’ll especially enjoy the beautiful pictures of the labels and packaging Michael has designed.

Digital Printing Dynamics
December 14, 2010
The use of digital short-run printing has exploded, as have questions about paper options, customization opportunities and design possibilities. That’s why Neenah Paper and PaperSpecs.com have set the stage for an unprecedented hour with three digital printing experts (Scott Crockett of Keiger Printing, Ian Flynn of Direct Response Imaging and Mark Sarpa of Progressive Solutions) as they demystify digital short-run printing. If you are a designer or print buyer who wants to know more about digital printing, “Digital Printing Dynamics” is a don’t-miss hour.

Designing with Letterpress
October 7, 2010
Go inside the concept, design and production of a limited edition poster in PaperSpecs next webinar, “Designing with Letterpress”. You will be taken behind the scenes with nationally recognized designer and author Joshua Chen to observe how the poster was brought to life from concept through production. Judith Berliner, founder of Full Circle Press and printer of the webinar poster, will also be on hand to discuss the ins and outs of this special printing and finishing process. Designed by and printed on Crane’s Lettra Papers at Full Circle Press; get an unprecedented look at how the poster came to life, and have the opportunity to hear from the creators directly in this special event on designing with letterpress printing. Bonus footage "Designing with Letterpress: The Poster"

September 16, 2010
If creative ideas were the flakes in the snow globe of your mind, what force could shake them up and get them moving? Could that force be you, your surroundings, your thoughts? Stefan Mumaw, creative director of Reign (the Kansas City ad agency who coined this snow globe analogy) offers up good habits that will encourage you to find inspiration in your everyday environment and expose those not-so-good habits that can negatively influence your creativity in this groundbreaking webinar entitled “HABIT.” It’s designed to help you shake off those stale assumptions, open new channels for viewing the role of paper and develop the habits that lead to more creative ideation.

Packaging: Tying It All Together
July 23, 2010
What is the one vehicle that brings the objectives of branding, protection, organization, theft deterrence, display, marketing, prestige, experience and authenticity together in the ultimate design challenge? Packaging! Successful packaging seamlessly ties all these entwined interests together in a way that builds distinct identities and projects clear voices in a universe of ever-expanding competition. Steve Sikora, creative director and co-founder of Design Guys helps provide a solid foundation in packaging design, the principles of which translate into other areas of creative marketing. You won’t want to miss what he had to say about some of the most important considerations in packaging design.

Direct Mail Dynamics
May 18, 2010
Are you on direct mail autopilot? Take back the creative controls with Direct Mail Dynamics! Chief Folding Fanatic Trish Witkowski of foldfactory.com presented a power-packed hour of folding inspiration and direct mail tips. Direct mail is still the No. 1 channel in the marketing mix today, and she’ll show you how to map out your own successful plan with clever campaign ideas and technologies, folding tricks you’ve never seen, tips for choosing the right paper and valuable direct mail dos and don’ts. So if you want to do direct mail right, put the creative spark into your campaign pieces and take advantage of this No. 1 marketing channel, be prepared to be wowed and inspired as Trish gives you valuable resources to help you get started.

INK on Paper: Beyond Your Line of Sight
February 11, 2010
The beauty of colorful, rich, dense inks are so satisfying, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to ink … and clients’ needs. Jeff Ashton, vice president of Operations for Quality Inks & Rollers, reminded us that there are durability issues in terms of sun exposure or unwanted color shifts during certain finishing processes or even the fundamental ability to dry properly on a particular substrate that can make or break the most creative printed piece. And to help us plan for theses issues and more, he covered Ink Components, Green Ink, Color, Eco Trends and Special Effects in this primer on all things ink.

Beyond the Tri-fold Webinar
September 24, 2009
There’s tangible value in knowing as much as you can about folds. Properly preparing files for folded pieces can save you costly fixes. Plus, using a new folding style can breathe fresh life into brochures, flyers and pamphlets. Trish Witkowski, founder of foldfactory.com and creator of the FOLDRite system, brought her passion for folding and knowledge of the techniques to this terrific Webinar. She covered the relationship between folding and paper, the eight folding families you should know, tips on folding compensation, key folding lingo and LOTS of creative folding inspiration.

Decoding Green Paper
June 4, 2009
Sabine Lenz, founder of PaperSpecs.com, designer, writer and speaker on paper issues and educational topics related to the paper industry, applied her no-nonsense approach to bring attendees a straightforward explanation of green paper terminology.
She deciphered acronyms like PCF, TCF, SFI, FSC and PCW in easy-to-understand terms and showed attendees how they can improve their green footprint with every paper purchase they make – confidently specifying paper that meets their environmental and sustainability goals without sacrificing creative vision or marketing power.

The Finishing Touch
May 7, 2009
Stuart Slater of POMCO (Philadelphia, PA) brought his passion for helping designers achieve their vision to this Webinar about engraving, embossing and foil stamping. He reviewed the basics of the processes, discussed how to approach these techniques as a design element, when to use them individually or combined, how to prepare files and what papers work best so you can maximize the effect to enhance your return on this investment.

Greenwashing: Wringing Out the Truth
November 5, 2008
As a print buyer or designer, one of your biggest challenges today is determining which environmental claims are relevant, meaningful and verifiable. In this great session, Scot Case, VP of TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, Inc., reviewed green consumer trends, defined the six sins of greenwashing, discussed effective ways of reaching customers without greenwashing, revealed ways to sell green to everyone and shared the value of independent third-party environmental certification programs.

Far-sighted Sustainability
September 16, 2008
Marc Alt, president and founder of Marc Alt + Partners led a discussion on how sustainable design practices are moving far beyond their original goals and accomplishments. Alt dug into the paper industry’s accelerating move toward a more far-sighted approach to sustainability and unearthed the shift in thinking about how we design and market products and services.

Impressed with Letterpress
February 26, 2008
With e-mails speeding through cyberspace in mere seconds and the printing industry turning out products faster than ever, let`s slow down for a minute and turn back time. Judith Berliner, owner of Full Circle Press, shares some of her inside tips for a successful letterpress project with us. Judith`s work was featured in several editions of HOW Magazine and various Martha Stewart Weddings editions.

Let’s Talk Paper: Uncoated
PaperSpecs: October 16, 2007
It’s complicated. Paper that is. It can speak softly and calmly or be loud and right in your face. It can be smooth and shiny or enhance your printed piece with its rich texture.
Listen to Margie Dana and Sabine Lenz getting into the basics of uncoated paper – from the different finishes and categories to printing tips.

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