Additional choices for Private Watermarks

Neenah Paper offers minimum orders as low as 100 pounds, making it possible for smaller companies to realize the benefits of this symbol of prestige and success.

In our own proprietary CUSTOMARK® Paper process, a rubber plate uses a non-alterable solution to transfer the logo, signature mark, or specified image onto the finished paper.

 Manufacuring Process

Features and Benefits

Produced through our exclusive off-machine process, a CUSTOMARK Paper can be made in much smaller quantities and at a lower cost than a Genuine watermark.

Even small businesses can enjoy the prestige of a private watermark, along with the security it offers.

Production turnaround is much faster with CUSTOMARK Papers. Orders can be manufactured and shipped in four weeks, subject to approval of artwork.

While CUSTOMARK Sheets work on a wide range of paper textures and finishes, clean white and off-white shades are recommended to create the most visible mark.

CUSTOMARK Papers from Neenah Paper come in 20 lb. and 24 lb writing weights. As a rule, the lighter the paper, the more visible the watermark.

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