Spec and Connect Volume 18

Volume 18: Private Watermarks

February 2010


Private Watermarks: Why Now?

Private Watermarks

There are many reasons why the addition of a private watermark to a company's stationery system is a valuable marketing tool, especially in today's economy. Though understated, it makes an impression, communicating professionalism and attention to detail. It lends an air of importance to a written communication. And today, customers want -- no they need -- to see that a company will be a long-term business partner. Supporting the company brand with this traditional prestigious mark provides reassurance of longevity and commitment. 

But another benefit of a private watermark that is even more relevant today is the added protection. Security has always been critical to any business that deals in sensitive information, and now, with fraud becoming more commonplace, most everyone is mindful of how transactions are documented and verified. Watermarks are permanent, unalterable, and cannot be scanned or copied, so the security realized by using watermarked paper for important documents helps defend against many types of document fraud and theft.

Because watermarks are made during the papermaking process, the minimum amount of paper required for ordering a custom watermark has always been high. Thus, its appeal has, for the most part, been to larger businesses, service organizations, universities and the occasional national celebrity. Until now, that is. Neenah Paper offers an alternative to the genuine private watermark, with minimum requirements as low as 100 lbs. (two cartons of paper), making it possible for smaller companies, organizations and even individuals to realize the branding and security benefits of the time honored watermark. This exclusive process is called CUSTOMARK®, and it uses a rubber plate and non-alterable solution to transfer the logo, signature mark, or specified image onto the finished paper. Not only can it be produced in smaller quantities, but it also offers faster turnaround times.

For more information about CUSTOMARK Papers and private watermarks, and which option is best for you, contact your Neenah Paper representative or visit the watermark resource area of our website.

Pocket Folders Ample Sample


Back by Popular Demand: Ample Sample

You asked for it, and you got it. We've just released another one of our popular Ample Sample commercial reprint series. The kit contains real world samples of pocket folders, showcasing a variety of great Neenah colors and weights as well as construction and printing techniques. Contact your Neenah Paper sales representative to obtain your copy of this useful resource.

Biodiversity Wallpaper Poster

Coming Up

Neenah has released the 4th in the popular interconnecting series of Neenah Green "Wallpaper" Posters. Printed on SUNDANCE® Cover, PC 100 White, the poster is packed with unique information and tips about biodiversity, and is part of Neenah's ongoing mission to not only inform but to show how beautiful and versatile well-made recycled paper prodcuts can be and what they mean to our environment. For maximum visual impact, the posters are designed to work singly or as a group. Great visuals and fascinating facts make all four posters a great display of wallpaper for your environment. Worth showing, knowing, and keeping.

Previous topics have included Recycling, Water, and Energy.

Color Unleashed

Technology Update

Think Ink Version 1.1 is here! The first paper app ever. Think Ink: Color Unleashed, was created specifically for the iPhone, and has now been upgraded with the following improvements:

  • Improved color palette blends provide smoother color transitions.
  • Inclusion of the five top whites to each suggested paper selection.
  • You can now build color palettes using either RGB or CMYK sliding scales.

Visit the iPhone app store and type in "Neenah" to download the FREE Think Ink app.

Color Unleashed

www.ColorUnleashed.com: You Won't Believe This Site!

No iPhone? No problem. We've launched the Think Ink micro site just for you, bringing all the benefits of the Think Ink iPhone app right to your workspace. Designers, printers and even end-users will find the site not only captivating and intuitive to use, but with expanded features that offer incredibly creative capabilities, this is a real workhorse tool that puts powerful design and color theory tools to work for you. Not to mention the option to order coordinating papers online and have them sent right to your door!

Against the Grain Blog

Talk Amongst Yourselves

You're invited to check out the new Neenah Paper blog, Against the Grain. With the comfortable look and ease of use the new backdrop provides, along with inspiring and stimulating dialogue, the site is a great meeting spot for our fascinating friends and fans. Visit the blog yourself.


For more information on samples and promotions, contact your locate NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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