Spec+Connect Volume 17

Volume 17: Think Ink Color Unleashed

August 2009


Think Ink: Color Unleashed, 2 new tools

Spec + Connect iPhone

Have you had a chance to check out the brand new, very cool Think Ink: Color Unleashed app for iPhone®? Recently introduced at the HOW Design Conference, it's already creating a tremendous buzz. And why wouldn't it? It's the first of its kind in the paper industry. A hand-held tool for designers and printers, the application creates color palettes based on any of four approaches: a photo taken on the iPhone's built-in camera or a saved image on an iPod Touch, a paper color from Neenah paper, a color swatch the user creates, or by using the psychology of color with the Dewey Color System®.

After the initial color is selected, Think Ink returns an array of palettes categorized as subdued, pop, traditional and blended. From there, designers can view their palette along with coordinating Neenah papers to see which CLASSIC CREST® Linen Paper colors would work best for their selection. They can then save and e-mail their custom color palette to their desktop and order the selected paper samples directly from Neenah Paper, all right from their iPhone.

Spec + Connect Think Ink Promotion

In addition to the iPhone app, we've created a coordinating print reference tool of the same name, Think Ink. Each color of CLASSIC CREST and CLASSIC Linen Papers is printed using the same base ink colors and four-color imagery. Even the dark colors are shown with metallic and opaque white inks, as well as foil and embossing, enabling the user to preview the opportunities of specifying these market leading papers. Neenah has partnered with a leading color theorist to create a proprietary application to let the user build custom color palettes in a whole new way. Using the scientifically validated Dewey Color System®, this effective tool allows the user to explore the psychological meanings of color, ink, and paper combinations before even turning on the computer. This valuable tool demonstrates how ink, paper color, and finish interact to create fresh, powerful and beautiful color palettes. It's never been easier.

To download the very cool, very free Think Ink app for your iPhone or iPod Touch, or to order the Think Ink promotional book, go to: www.neenahpaper.com/thinkink.

Spec + Connect Love Linen


Note to Self: Try before you buy with CLASSIC® Linen Neenah Personal ProofSM

Feel the love of CLASSIC® Linen from Neenah Paper with your very own Neenah Personal ProofSM. Visit www.DoYouLoveLinen.com, upload your image, and we'll send your custom sample right to your door.

Neenah Personal ProofSM. It's easy and it's free. Visit www.DoYouLoveLinen.com to get started or to order a copy of the Love Linen Promotion.

Spec + Connect Conservation Posters

What's New

Put the environment front and center in your environment every day with a new series of conservation wallpaper posters. The first of three Neenah conservation posters is themed "Recycling". Within the context of the beautiful art, key recycling messages are presented. Messages that are important to a paper specifier. Knowledge is power, and these colorful creative presentations are destined for your wall. Each poster is omnidirectional so you can link them on your wall whichever way you like. Collect all three over the course of the year to remind yourself everyday of measures you can take in your own life to make a difference. For more information or to be notified when the next Conservation poster comes out this summer visit: www.neenahpaper.com/conservationposters.

Another year, another incredible HOW Design Conference for Neenah. But read about it and see for yourself in our new Neenah Paper blog Against the Grain.

The Neenah PAPERWORKS Contest has added a NEW category: Digital Print

Your digitally printed projects are now eligible to win Best Digitally Printed Piece of the Year. A national winner will be selected from the year's digital entries from all four regions and win $1,000! The Digital Print Category is in addition to the categories of Letterhead and Text & Cover, and includes any project digitally printed on Neenah Paper. The more you use our papers, the more opportunities you have to enter. You could win a stunning award to display on your awards shelf along with a cash prize - and who couldn't use some extra cash? For more information and to download a Neenah PAPERWORKS Contest form visit: www.neenahpaper.com/contestforms.


Spec + Connect Virtual Swatchbooks

Notes on Technology

Spec + Connect Swatchbook Banner


Neenah is turning the page on the way we view swatchbooks and promotions - literally. View our new interactive CLASSIC CREST swatchbook online. You can also view the CLASSIC® Linen swatchbook online, and watch for more brands coming soon.

Finding yourself away from the office more and more? Going mobile? By watching their own national sales team, the marketing team at Neenah Paper realized early on that the people selling, using and promoting their premium papers need information at their fingertips, and sometimes have limited access to an internet connection. So they developed a suite of three applications for BlackBerry® smartphones. The first was Neenah's popular Eco Calculator, followed by the Stock List Guide and Paper Math calculator - all user-friendly in the field. To download mobile applications to your BlackBerry visit: www.neenahpaper.com/mobile.


Spec + Connect True Choice

Make a True Choice

Neenah Paper now offers a chance for you to understand what drives your paper choices, and from that, how to make informed decisions. Two interactive selection sites powered by TrueChoice - one for designers and one for printers - take you through a series of questions that will return a response indicating the best solution for your papers, service and performance preferences. For designers the feedback is about what's important to you, how your preferences compare to your peers, and which Neenah products and services are a good fit for your business. Printer feedback is more project specific. Either way, it's information that is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Designers visit www.neenahguide.com.

Printers visit www.mypaperpicker.com.

Congratulations to Lynn Winston of Illinois for being among the first to take our True Choice Survey and winning the drawing for a new iPhone 3GS!



For more information on samples and promotions, contact your locat NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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