Spec + Connect Volume 14

Volume 14: SUNDANCE Papers

December 2008


Spec + Connect SUNDANCE


There are times when the marketing dollars just aren't enough for the project at hand. As part of the solution, you're tasked with finding the paper choice that fulfills your client's needs without going over budget. Finally there's an inspiring paper that delivers performance, quality, color and finish options, all at a price that fits a limited budget. This Writing, Text and Cover grade with a Southwestern flavor has a long heritage of offering superior value to designers and printers. As part of its recent update, this dependable and hardworking gradeline has been appropriately dubbed the Practical Choice. With a fresh new color palette available in three finishes, it can be your preference for a value-priced paper. Matching envelopes, an unwatermarked Writing weight and Green Seal Certification round out the complement.

The western-themed swatchbook shows the updated colors including four rich earth-tone accent colors. And with a total of four whites, the collection is well suited for business applications. Two new fiber-enhanced lighter colors are perfect for those instances when the quality of the imagery is marginal, something the paper can camouflage, or if the customer prefers the recycled nature of the paper to be more visible. Another reason this paper is so versatile is that all ten colors are available in three different finishes: Smooth, Felt and Linen. Combining finishes or colors can make a more interesting campaign or presentation, adding depth and interest. Although the SUNDANCE® Paper Collection is value priced, when it comes to performance, this is one practical choice that delivers.


Spec + Connect Translucents


When it comes to translucent printing papers, Neenah Paper has it covered. Both of our premium translucent brands have been combined into one swatchbook that demonstrates 4-color process printing, foil stamping, and embossing. In other words, processes you might not have realized could be done on translucent papers.  UV/ULTRA® II and CLEARFOLD® Translucent Papers are manufactured differently, resulting in different attributes. Which one you choose depends on your end use application. UV/ULTRA® II Papers provide excellent offset printability and ink hold-out, and its dimensional stability allows for tight registration. So when the print quality is an important aspect of the project, this is the one to choose. For projects that require durability and foldability, such as envelopes, CLEARFOLD® Papers are perfect. Available in Radiant White, White, Columns, Pearlized and Oxford, translucent papers from Neenah Paper are the clear choice.

Spec + Connect ESSE


The reintroduction of ESSE® Premium Papers under the Neenah name serves as a reminder to take another look at this paper collection that was created in 1990 by designers, for designers. The texture is a watermarked grid of delicately patterned squares, so unique it's even patented. The squares increase in scale from writing to text to cover weight, so the heavier the paper, the more pronounced the pattern. And if a textured paper is not the right choice for the project, complementary smooth finish papers are available. At the foundation of the collection are four color families: black, green, brown and blue. Ranging in tonal values from dark to light, each group boasts a complement of coordinating pearlized colors. A fifth group of bold accent colors complete the selection by adding a splash of modernity.  Luxurious finishes and lustrous pearlized papers available in eight weights and twenty gorgeous colors. It's a world of choice at your fingertips. But whatever the language, ESSE is the perfect expression of paper.

Spec + Connect Postage

UPDATE: www.neenahpaper.com

Because of the recent increase in postage prices this seems like a good time to acknowledge that postage costs can be a major component of a print budget. It is essential to consider postal regulations when designing direct mail, invitations, envelopes, or basically any printed piece that might have to be delivered via the U.S.P.S.

www.neenahpaper.com/postalinformation is a great resource when designing these types of projects. Size standards, layout guidelines, and automation requirements are some of the topics covered. Most mail houses are very familiar with the regulations. But if you're not working with one, it's a good idea to take a prototype of the piece to the post office to get approval and postage costs before printing. We also recommend doing a "test mailing" to be sure the piece can withstand handling.

The NEENAH Community: 2008 HOW Design Conference

The HOW Conference last month in Boston was amazing! We were pleased to welcome the winners of the Neenah Paper Win A Free Trip to the HOW Conference contest:

Juan Plaza of Hinge in Reston, Virgina
Entry: Saint Germain Annual Catering Menu

Jared Milam of ID Branding in Portland, Oregon
Entry: ID Branding Identity

They were honored at Taranta, a restaurant in Boston's North End, where in keeping with Neenah's environmental philosophy we toasted the winners with carbon neutral and organic wines from Taranta's green wine list.

The Neenah Paper closing night Black & White Party was sensational. We saw everything from white hotel bathrobes to fabulous little black cocktail dresses. Many of our guests enjoyed the dessert table (especially the chocolate covered strawberries), then danced it out to the music of Downtown Fever.

It's always great to meet up with so many of our colleagues. But for those of you who weren't there, not to worry. You can win a free trip to the 2009 HOW Conference to be held next June in Austin, Texas. Just check our website for details in January, www.neenahpaper.com/how.



To obtain a copy of a swatchbook or promotion mentioned in this newsletter, contact your local NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.558.5061 or samples@neenahpaper.com.



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