Spec+Connect Volume 12

Volume 12: STARWHITE Papers

December 2008


Spec + Connect STARWHITE


As the first Fox River heritage brand to be promoted as a Neenah Paper product, STARWHITE® Writing, Text, and Cover is truly one of the brightest new stars in the Neenah Paper brand portfolio. In addition to the Smooth, Vellum, and Hi-Tech finishes, you'll find four luminous Flash papers - including two new color options. And check out the brand new "Soft Touch" finish, a beautiful coated sheet that offers a unique feel in the hand as well as spectacular results on press.

The foundation of this brand consists of a selection of whites. From cool whites like Flash Blue and 98 bright Sirius to the warmth of Flash Pearl and Natural, STARWHITE® Papers offer the perfect selection of Whites of All Occasions.

With all of our papers, we strive to lessen our impact on the environment. In keeping with that, STARWHITE® Papers are 100% Pure FSC and Green-e Certified, as well as made carbon neutral (see neenah green update at right). Plus, the coatings on our Soft Touch and Flash papers are manufactured with organic pigments and coating materials. 

The new swatchbook follows the Neenah Paper user-friendly format, clearly showing all available weights, finishes and colors. And an extensive printability section demonstrates that these papers are ideal for 1-color printing to four-color process, as well as techniques like embossing and foil stamping.

Whether you're designing an identity, brochure, invitation, or direct mailer, STARWHITE® Papers offer you the opportunity to make a brilliant impression.



Spec + Connect FSC and Carbon Neutral

UPDATE: Neenah Green

By now you probably know that when a paper is FSC Certified, it ensures that the paper meets the Forest Stewardship Council's standards for sustainable forest management. But did you know that NEenah Paper was the first mill to receive this certification? Now, we bring you another first. We are proud to introduce STARWHITE® Papers as our first 100% Pure FSC Certified paper, which means that it is made entirely from 100% Pure FSC Certified virgin fiber, ensuring that all of the trees used to manufacture these papers come from responsibly-managed, sustainable forests.

In another step toward minimizing our environmental footprint, Neenah Paper is now a Member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX®), the world's first and North America's only voluntary, legally binding greenhouse gas emission reduction, registry and trading system. As a member, Neenah Paper has committed to track, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These reductions and additional offsets that Neenah has committed to purchase will offset 100% of the emissions associated with the manufacturing of all STARWHITE® and CLASSIC® Fine Papers.

As an industry leader in sustainability, we feel it's important to keep you informed every step of the way so that you can feel good about specifying Neenah Paper.


Spec + Connect CLASSIC CREST


Everything you need to know about design and production in the palm of your hand. Well, maybe not everything.  But the new CLASSIC CREST® Papers Identity Library offers a lot of relevant, useful information on topics like print production, proofreading, and measurements, as well as important considerations when designing letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. They may be small in size but they're big in content. Look for them in your favorite design publications and collect all 16 cards. 

Spec + Connect Trivia

TRIVIA: The Importance of White

At Neenah Paper we place a great deal of importance on white paper, offering many shades of white in a range of textures. But there's a lot more to white than its obvious associations with purity, cleanliness and neutrality. Did you know that:

    A white flag is universally recognized as a symbol of truce.

    According to Pantone Inc., white is the best selling color for the classic American t-shirt.

    The appearance of white in a dream is thought to represent happintess at home. White castles are a symbol of achievement, destiny perfectly fulfilled, and spiritual perfection.

    Originally, scientists wore beige coats. In the late 19th century, medical professionals chose white ones. The color white was chosen becasue of the idea of hope and expectations for healing and recovery that the physicians would bring.

So you see, choosing white can make a very clear statement. The Dewey Color System recommends using white to convey practicality, clear thinking, and a relaxed mood. We recommend using one of our many white paper options to complement your design and make your own statement.



To obtain a copy of a promotion mentioned in this newsletter, contact your local NEENAH PAPER representative or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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