Spec+Connect Volume 11

Volume 11: EAMES Papers

December 2008


Spec + Connect EAMES

EAMES™ Paper Collection

Everyday Eames, Eames Everyday

Recently, we released the first revision of our EAMES™ Paper Collection. The changes include the addition of Solar White, one of our most popular cross brand colors, and a new vellum finish sheet that is part of the Painting palette. These changes are in direct response to suggestions from designers across the country.

After the initial launch of the EAMES™ Paper Collection, reaction was enthusiastic, feedback extremely positive. But we soon wondered why were not seeing the collection in more every day use, the kind of day-to-day work that is the lifeblood of the design and paper industry. Designers told us why. They revealed they were holding the paper for "special" occasions, events and announcements - or "high end" applications. The perception of the Eames line as a high-end "boutique" line was growing. We soon saw the irony in this growing perception - and it stung.

Inspired by the work and working philosophy of Charles and Ray Eames, this collection is about more than colors and finishes. It's about functionality, beauty and affordability. Paper that is equally appropriate for the extraordinary and the everyday. Things like letterhead, menus, book jackets, and packaging. So in the spirit of Charles and Ray Eames, we listened to you and learned from you, and applied those lessons when it came time to revise the collection.

For more information visit the Eames Paper Collection online.


Spec + Connect Design

DESIGN: Updating an Icon

When the first Eames Plastic Chairs were sold in 1950, they quickly became part of the popular mainstream in the U.S. and around the world. Because the plastics of that time did not have the strength that Charles and Ray Eames sought for the shell, the plastic they used was reinforced with fiberglass. Shortly before her death in 1988, however, Ray Eames realized that the chairs were too durable. The fiberglass chair shells would never decompose in landfills, and this was unacceptable. For ten years no authentic Eames Plastic Chairs were made. But for Charles and Ray Eames, the design process never stopped. So it was through this spirit of innovation that the right recyclable plastic was eventually identified, leading to the reintroduction of the Eames Plastic Chair in 2004

Spec + Connect Noteworthy

NEWSWORTHY: Neenah and Fox River: When More is More

Neenah Paper is bigger and better than ever with our recent acquisition of Fox River Paper. Our popular CLASSIC CREST® and ENVIRONMENT® Papers as well as our other CLASSIC® Brands made us one of the most respected premium uncoated paper manufacturers in North America. Now, the rich colors and textures of ESSE® and OXFORD® Papers - as well as the high performance of smooth finish white papers such as STARWHITE® Writing, Text and Cover - will greatly enhance the Neenah Paper portfolio. Along with SUNDANCE® Text and Cover and HOWARD® Linen, these are exciting additions to our product line and we lok forward to promoting them in the way you have come to expect from Neenah Paper. And while over time we may add or discontinue a color or two, we fully intend to keep the heart and soul of these brands. As we do with all of our papers, we plan to refresh and re-energize these wonderful grade lines in order to provide you with everything you need to create stellar identities and marketing materials.

For more information visit www.neenahpaper.com/foxriver.

NOTEWORTHY: Metafore: Celebrating 10 Years

Since its inception in 1997, non-profit Metafore [www.metafore.org] has been developing ideas, creating tools, and collaborating with leading businesses to improve the global environment through market-based solutions.

One of Metafore's most recent business tools - the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool® - has helped paper buyers address an increasing need to consider the life-cycle of paper to measure environmental performance. In simple terms, the EPAT provides users information beyond "is it recycled", and considers critical issues such as climate change, conservation of natural systems, clean production, and others.

The EPAT works by providing a framework based on desired outcomes. This assessment strategy enables paper buyers and suppliers, such as Neenah, a format to discuss environmental trade-offs and make informed purchasing decisions that reflect their environmental objectives. For graphic designers - and all paper users - the EPAT desired outcomes framework and assessment tool are available online at www.epat.org.


Spec + Connect Gallery


Don't have the space (or the bank account) for an Eames Lounge Chair? No problem. If you're a fan of the work of Charles and Ray Eames, here's an opportunity to win a piece of their legacy. Visit www.eamesgallery.com to purchase unique colorful accessories like wallets, pens, and business card cases designed with Eames graphics.


Spec + Connect Samples


Answer our trivia question correctly and you could win an Eames dot pattern business card case.

Q: Who did Charles Eames design his first cahre with?

a. Charles Eliot Norto

b. Eero Saarinen

c. George Nelson

Click here to respond.

Congratulations to Judy Morrison, the winner of our last drawing. Judy is the Art Director at Clemson University in South Carolina. We asked her about the importance of using recycled papers. "My work projects run from the posters, booklets, recruitment brochures, and the alumni magazine for the university," says Judy. "I think it is important to use recycled papers as much as possible, especially in heavier content print projects."

Spec + Connect Motorcycle

Calendar: 2007 HOW Design Conference

This year's conference in Atlanta is over and what a success it was! It was the largest HOW conference gathering ever, and the Hyatt and the Marriott were overrun with 3,500 conference attendees - many juggling a bag of fine Neenah Paper samples with their conference binder and a cup of Starbucks - engaging in lively conversations with new friends. And we might be biased, but we believe (heck, everyone is saying it) the Neenah Paper Descender's Ball at the Georgia Aquarium was a highlight event.

Next year it's on to Boston. Start specifying Neenah Paper now so you can have a chance to win an all expense paid trip to the 2008 HOW Design Conference!  Details of the contest will be posted on our website after the first of the year.


For more information on samples and promotions, contact your local NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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