Spec+Connect Volume 13

Volume 13: CORONADO SST Papers

December 2008


Spec + Connect CORONADO

CORONADO® SST is Color Ready

If you don't know CORONADO® SST Papers, now is the time to familiarize yourself with this versatile - and highly printable - Text and Cover paper. Available in two stunning whites, this paper is color ready, and it takes ink beautifully. When you need superior ink holdout for the most vivid color reproduction, the Special Surface Treatment ensures excellent detail and vibrancy. And because variety is the spice of life, we give you a choice of five finishes: Smooth, Super Smooth, Vellum, Cord, and Stipple. But it doesn't stop there. Not only is the paper color ready for traditional offset lithography printing, but we also offer two weights and three finishes in digital sizes that are certified and highly recommended for Kodak NexPress, HP Indigo and Xerox iGen3TM presses.

To demonstrate the exceptional printability of this paper we're introducing a new swatchbook along with a promotion titled Color Ready. See for yourself the brightness of the whites (95 and 98 Brightness) and feel the way the different finishes lend distinct personalities to the paper. And in five weights, from 70lb. Text to 130lb. Cover, you're bound to find the perfect weight for your project.

Be bold. Specify CORONADO® SST for your next brilliantly colorful project.


Spec + Connect HOW 2008

2008 HOW Design Conference

In case you haven't heard, this year's conference is being held in Beantown, home of the BoSox, Old Ironsides, and the Big Dig. That's right. Boston.

The HOW Design Conference is a great opportunity to energize, learn, and network with 3,500 other ambitious designers. If you need further explanation of why we think this is such a valuable conference and why we are an original sponsor, visit www.howconference.com. But if you're already on board, and would like to go for free, visit www.neenahpaper.com/how to find out how you can win one of two all-expense paid trips, compliments of Neenah Paper. And this year for the first time qualifying papers incldue all Fox River and Gilbert brands as well.

We hope to see you at our HOW Conference booth. Of course we will once again be the sponsor of the Closing Night Party, a tradition that has become the must-do event of the conference.

Spec + Connect Eco-Calculator

UPDATE: Neenah Green

As part of the Neenah Green initiative, you now have the opportunity to calculate not only the environmental savings for using paper made with post consumer fiber, but also the savings of using paper made with 100% renewable energy. See for yourself how easy it is by visiting the Eco-Paper Calculator here. Simply enter the amount of paper needed for your project, either in number of sheets or pounds. It's your choice. You also have the option of comparing the results of using papers with different percentages of post consumer fiber.

The best part, however, is the information you get back. Of course it tells you how much wood, water, energy, carbon emissions and solid waste you save. But it goes one step further and puts that information in context. For example, if you save 210 gallons of water, that's enough water to take 12 eight-minute showers. And if you save 44 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions, that's equivalent to 10 hours of continuous electricity in a single family home.

It's exciting to see how much you can save by using our Green Seal and Green-e Certified papers, especially when it's measured in such familiar terms. Before you specify again, visit Neenah's Eco-Paper Calculator online to understand how, together, we can reduce our impact on the environment.


Spec + Connect STARWHITE


Make your project shine - literally. We offer two captivating papers that will awaken your inner superstar. The luminescent finish of STARWHITE® Flash Papers captures the light with a metallic sheen that illuminates normal printing inks. It's available in four colors, in Text and Cover weights, and is certified FSC Pure, which means it's made entirely from fiber coming from FSC Certified forests. If you're looking for more ways to shine, and would like the option of texture, check out ESSE® Pearlized Papers. This lustrous collection comes in several soft colors in either the subtle patented texture or its complementary smooth finish. As ecologically as they are creatively relevant, ESSE Pearlized Papers are made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber, and both the STARWHITE Flash and ESSE Pearlized finishes are manufactured using all organic materials. So glisten, sparkle, glow, whatever you want to call it - just brighten up your printed communications and specify Neenah!


Spec + Connect Identity

IDENTITY: A Reflection of Character

The original Neenah Paper identity swatchbook has always been considered a useful tool, primarily because it took two brands that are largely specified for business identites - CLASSIC CREST® and CLASSIC COTTON® Papers - and put them together in one place. The swatchbook demonstrates how the two brands can work together to create an extended identity for any level of business communication, from a small family business to a large corporation.

We have recently expanded the identity program through the addition of a second swatchbook featuring GILBERT® Cottons, NEUTECH® Papers, and FOX RIVER SELECT® Papers. Together, these brands offer premium cotton and wood fiber-based paper options, some with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. As part of this expansion, a reflection of character letterhead folders showcase these papers as well as the premium smooth STARWHITE® Papers through six commercial reprints of real world business identities. Let us show you how the use of premium identity papers from Neenah Paper is truly a reflection of quality and can elevate the status of any brand.



To obtain a copy of a swatchbook or promotion mentioned in this newsletter, contact your local NEENAH PAPER merchant or sales representative, or contact our Sample Department at 1.800.994.5993 or samples@neenahpaper.com.


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