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Neenah Cabinet™ for iPad, iPhone and Android

What it does is amazing. Where it does it is the real breakthrough. The next time a client wants to talk about paper, don't just describe what you're thinking...show them. Cabinet for iPad, iPhone and Android puts all of our current swatchbooks- every texture and color- right at your fingertips. Only from Neenah.


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Environmental Calculator iPhone, iPad Application

Download the Environmental Calculator iPhone and iPad


Every choice counts. That’s why we the we created the free Environmental Calculator application. Now the environmental savings of using paper made with recycled fiber and renewable energy is right at your fingertips.

Research done by the Paper Task Force, a peer-reviewed study of the lifecycle environmental impacts of paper production and disposal, is the basis of the Environmental Defense Fund paper calculator v2.0, sharing the same reference data as the Neenah Environmental Calculator iPhone & iPad application.

  • Calculate your environmental savings as measured in wood, water, energy, emissions and solid waste.
  • See real-world examples of resources saved.
  • Save your environmental reports to share them with friends, vendors, or clients via email.
  • Use the built-in glossary to better understand how your paper choices affect the environment.
  • Access links to source data for additional information.
 Neenah Time Application

Neenah Time iPhone, iPad Application

Download the Neenah Time iPhone, iPad Application


This free application uses the clock function of your device to display an analog “paper” clock on screen and lets the user change clock faces at will. Clock faces were created and submitted by designers as physical objects using actual paper samples of ESSE® and OXFORD® Papers. The five designs represented are the winners in the Neenah Paper “Time to Shine Competition”.


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