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Neenah Paper is the North American leader in premium Writing, Text and Cover papers. Over the past decade Neenah has continually expanded its international presence, providing premium papers with a unique blend of craftsmanship and papermaking technology. With over 137 years of cotton fiber and premium sulphite papermaking history, in November of 2004 Neenah became an elite member of the New York Stock Exchange. Today our Fine Paper brands are globally renowned. These include CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, STARWHITE®, NEENAH® SUNDANCE® Papers and ESTATE® Label products. Additionally our ability to provide special make paper has made Neenah a go-to mill for papers shipping throughout the world. Our brands are offered in a variety of metric and North American weights, with wood and cotton fibers and specialty fibers, manufacturing over 180 colors, providing dozens of textures and eco-friendly options.

Neenah Paper’s international growth is reflective of not only our market leading brands, but also the ability to work smartly in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Today, our products are offered throughout the world in 47 countries by 56 distributors/agents. As this number continues to grow, our focus and desire is to add value through our brand leadership, diverse marketing strategies and the ability to differentiate quality in the premium writing, text, cover, label, packaging and specialty paper markets.

Everyday new customers partner with us as we compete within our targeted international markets and provide not only the products, but the innovative services and supply chain capabilities that have been at the core of our North American success.

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