Neenah Paper will unveil its new line up for wide format printing at the 2015 SGIA Expo


Following its recent acquisition of FiberMark, Neenah Paper will unveil its new line up for wide format printing at the 2015 SGIA Expo (Booth #2409), in Atlanta, November 4-6, 2015.

The new Neenah Wide Format Portfolio is an eco alternative, including a complete range of paper-based solutions for all types of retail and trade show signage including rigid board and flexible media. The papers are used for all types of signs, posters, banners, murals, wall and window coverings, photo papers, block out banners and backlit displays.

 “In a world of vinyls, plastics and films, Neenah’s Wide Format paper-based solutions are logical alternatives to non-recyclables for customers who prefer paper or are eco conscious,” said Greg Maze, Senior Brand Manager, Wide Format & Digital.

The Wide Format Portfolio includes many of Neenah’s well-known, established premium brands such as Classic®, ESSE® and Astrobrights® — product lines noted for their superior print performance. Popular wide format items from FiberMark, such as conVerd Board™ and conVerd Photo Paper, are now part of the new line. 

“In many cases, paper based products represent an opportunity to achieve major cost benefits over the lifecycle of a sign or other wide format product. For instance, the use of paper simplifies the recycling stream. When a paper sign is no longer needed it can go right into the ‘blue box’, no special sorting, no additional suppliers needed,” said Maze.

Representatives from Neenah’s Performance division will also be on hand at SGIA (Booth #2409) to present Neenah Transfer Paper®.

For more information, contact your Neenah paper merchant or visit 

About Neenah

For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has been an innovative leader in the creation and manufacturing of papers for premium writing, text, cover, digital, packaging and specialty needs. The Neenah signature portfolio includes market leading brands such as CLASSIC®, ENVIRONMENT®, and ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers. The company also offers envelopes in thousands of unique colors, finishes and styles.

Neenah is committed to developing relevant mobile and online technologies including Neenah Cabinet™ for iPad, iPhone and Android. With multiple manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, prime importance is also placed on recycled and alternative fiber products through the Neenah Green initiative. For more information on Neenah call (800) 558-5061. Follow Neenah on Twitter: @neenahpaper; subscribe to the Neenah Facebook page; or visit Against the Grain, Neenah’s blog for designers, printers and paper-lovers.

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