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Business correspondence
envelopes come with a variety
of flap styles and sizes.

The most common is the number
10 with either a commercial flap or
a square flap.

commercial flap

These envelopes are designed for machine insertion making them an ideal and efficient choice for direct mail, invoices, checks and statements. Commercial envelopes are also often used for letterhead and personal correspondence. They open along the top and have diagonal seams.


square flap

Square flap business envelopes are often used to add a contemporary flair to correspondence. These envelopes are well suited for engraving, thermography and other printing processes, but are not recommended for automatic insertion equipment.

policy flap

With the opening on the end of the envelope, policy envelopes are often used for custom marketing material and invitations.

dl international

Engineered to ensure maximum opacity which provides for a more confidential presentation, DL International envelopes are available in CRANE'S CREST® Papers only.

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commercial envelopes sizes

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Commercial Envelope Sizes
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