Carbon Neutral Plus

Use the Carbon Neutral logo, property of Neenah Paper, when printing on CLASSIC CREST®, CLASSIC® Linen, CLASSIC® Laid, CLASSIC COLUMNS®, CLASSIC COTTON®, STARWHITE®, and ENVIRONMENT® Papers (the “Neenah Carbon Neutral Plus Products”).

Neenah Paper is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through investments in energy conservation and renewable energy resources. We are a member of The Climate Registry. Neenah Paper’s greenhouse gas emission calculations are verified by an independent third-party to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol accounting and reporting standards. To review Neenah Paper's methodology regarding the calculation and application of carbon credits please click here.

By downloading the Carbon Neutral Plus Logo Kit, you indicate that you accept the above Terms and Conditions. (zip file)

Download Logo Kit
Contact Us for more information concerning the use of the "green" logos.

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