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2012 Grand Prize Winner

In Caffeine We Trust
Designer: Andrew Effendy,   Firm: Column Five
Paper Manufacturer: Strathmore Watercolor Paper

Andrew Effendy

Invitations / Cards

Dreamworks Pop-up
Designer: Curran & Connors,   Firm: Curran & Connors
Paper Manufacturer: Mohawk Paper, Finch Paper

Curran & Connors

Kris & Mike Invite
Designer: Kris Greene
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Kris Greene

Annual Report / Sustainability Report

NYU Cancer Institute 2010/2011 Report
Designer: Addison,   Firm: Addison
Paper Manufacturer: Finch Paper


Insteel Industries 2011 AR
Designer: Curran & Connors,   Firm: Curran & Connors
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper



Hub Group Sales Brochure
Designer: Shannon Slusher,   Firm: 160over90
Paper Manufacturer: Strathmore Watercolor Paper

Shannon Slusher

Philadelphia Photo Arts Fall Events Mailer
Designer: Allan Espiritu,   Firm: gdloft PHL
Paper Manufacturer: Finch Paper

Allen Espirtu


Westin Hotels & Resorts Stationery/Collateral
Designer: Starwood Hotels & Resorts Global Brand Design,   Firm: Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Starwood Hotels

OmegaFi ID system
Designer: Allyson Lack,   Firm: Principle
Paper Manufacturer: Strathmore Paper

Allyson Lack

Packaging / Label

FEW Spirits - American Gin
Designer: Wilburn Thomas,   Firm: Wilburn Thomas
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Guss Tsatsakis

FEW Spirits - Bourbon Whiskey
Designer: Wilburn Thomas,   Firm: Wilburn Thomas
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Guss Tsatsakis


Let Others Follow the Path You Create
Designer: Ben Harman
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Ben Harman

Stern Grove Festival Posters
Designer: Christopher Simmons,   Firm: MINE
Paper Manufacturer: Mohawk Paper

Christopher Simmons


The Goat Book
Designer: Rita Sasges,   Firm: Sasges Inc.
Paper Manufacturer: Sappi Paper, McCoy Paper

Rita Sasges

Complex Weave Art Catalog: Women in Contemporary Art
Designer: Allan Espiritu,   Firm: gdloft PHL
Paper Manufacturer: Mohawk Paper,Finch Paper

Allen Espirtu

Student Work

Handlettering Sketchbook
Designer: Danielle Williams
Paper Manufacturer: Strathmore Paper

Danielle Williams

Portfolio Review
Designer: Dan Reis,   Firm: Dan Reis Graphics
Paper Manufacturer: Neenah Paper

Dan Reis

2012 Judges

Justin Ahrens

Justin Ahrens, Rule29
Justin Ahrens is principal and creative director at Rule29. His passion for design is rooted in his creative firm’s commitment to “making creative matter®.” For more than 10 years, Ahrens has led Rule29 in its commitment to both great design and helping others think differently about the world around them. Ahrens has also been a consistent voice for the design community as it relates to balancing life, design and business. His obsession for design is only overshadowed by his passion for being home with his wife, Sarah, and their four amazing kids.

Josh Chen

Joshua C. Chen, Chen Design Associates
Joshua C. Chen is founder, principal and creative director of Chen Design Associates (CDA). Josh’s involvement in the design community includes serving as juror for Communication Arts, The One Club, The Advertising Federation of America, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He served on the HOW Advisory Board and lectures at regional and national conferences. Named one of 50 “people to watch” by GraphicDesignUSA, Josh is author and designer of multiple award-winning books, most recently Fingerprint No. 2: The Evolution of Handmade Elements in Graphic Design (HOW Books).

Pum Lefebre

Pum Lefebure, Design Army
Pum Lefebure is a co-founder and creative director of Design Army in Washington DC, where she is responsible for overseeing all creative coming through the firm's doors. Pum was named in Graphic Design USA’S 50 People to Watch, and was awarded as a Rising Star by the Washington Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business. Pum regularly judges elite design competitions and serves as the chair of the 2012 One Show Design jury. She has been featured in industry publications such as Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW, Print, STEP, Novum (Germany), Coupe (Canada), Concept Magazine (Indonesia), and Art4D (Thailand).


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