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A Legacy of Innovation

In the 1940s, Neenah pioneered the complex science of latex impregnation (saturation). Since then, our products have replaced those made from wood, plastic, cloth and leather. We’ve overcome once-accepted material limitations with innovations providing new performance and value. And the best part for our customers is that the future will bring even more improvements.


From wet sanding to dry finishing, Neenah abrasive backings include more than 100 different products combining a broad range of basis weights and material components to deliver performance and value.
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Neenah is trusted to keep clean rooms clean through research, experience and innovation. Our Munising LP is latex-saturated to reduce free particles and particle-releasing tears.
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Decorative/Book Components

Neenah offers quality and performance in papers for Book Publishing and Decorative Applications, offering an extensive line of Decorative Base and Binding/Fastener Papers.
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Durable Printing

From maps to menus, manuals to mailers, Neenah Paper Technical Products’ moisture-resistant, printer-friendly and graphically sharp papers offer a wide variety of end uses. Available in Buckskin, Prevail, Neenah Durable Papers provide advanced designs to allow print fidelity, conformity and compatibility with a variety of printing processes.
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Graphic Cover Materials

Latex impregnated offset print grades offer such exceptional strength that film over laminating should not be required. Available in EPIC II, and the fold enduring, edge-tear resisting Prevail Paper, these papers able to be grommeted and sewn.
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Heat Transfer

Neenah offers premium papers for application of digital and offset printed graphics such as family photos to textiles and other substrates such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, puzzles, binders, or leather, magnets, wood, nylon and hard surfaces like ceramics.
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Heirloom Furniture Components

Durable wood veneer backers and flexible laminating substrates, highly specialized for the furniture and wood products industry, ensuring quality and longevity.
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Label and Tag

Neenah’s label and tag products include Duraform® Smudgeproof Latex Saturated Label Stock, the durable weather-resistant Kimdura Synthetic Paper, and the cloth-like strength of Prevail Paper (well suited for horticultural tags and labels, hunting licenses, law labels, etc).
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Medical Packaging

With outstanding performance, excellent printability and conformity, bacteria resistance, tear resistance, clean-peeling attributes, Neenah’s medical packaging papers offer impressive quality, performance and price.
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Tape & Pre-Mask

Neenah Paper Technical Products offers latex saturated papers designed for use as tape backing in the manufacture of pressure sensitive tape.
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