White (93 Brightness), Cream, Pure White (98 Brightness), Ultra White (98 Brightness)
Laid, Wove
20 lb., 24 lb., 28 lb. Writing; 80 lb. Text; 80 lb. Cover; 120 lb., 160 lb Double Thick Cover

  • 100%, 25% cotton fiber options available in Neutech Cottons
  • Premium sulphite options available in Neutech PS
  • 20 lb. and 24 lb. watermarked writing in 4 colors
  • Recycled options available
  • Archival properties for longer life
  • Writing weights are guaranteed for laser and ink jet printers and high speed copiers
  • Matching envelopes available


A Brighter Shade of Green

Recycled colors are manufactured with 30% post-consumer fibers.
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NEUTECH 25% and 100% Cotton

NEUTECH Cotton Papers contain a genuine watermark with a date bar code to ensure quality and security, and is made with high-quality cotton fibers. They’re also guaranteed for laser and ink-jet office equipment.


NEUTECH PS is a premium sulphite writing, text and cover system combing excellent opacity with a uniform surface. It offers outstanding print fidelity and minimal dot gain. Available in wove and laid finishes, 5 weights and 4 color options.


Matching Envelopes

Wove (select color to view available products)

Pure White
W | C | DTC
98 Brightness
Ultra White
W | C
98 Brightness
W | C
93 Brightness
White Recycled
93 Brightness

No printed material is currently available for this brand.


Finish Basis (lbs) Basis (g/m2) Opacity Caliper (pt) Smoothness
Wove 20W 75 92 4.8 220
24W 90 91 4.8 220
80C 216 98 11.7 220
120C 324 99 16.0 220
160C 433 99 21.0 220
160DTC 433 99 21.0 220

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